The head of “Sohnut”: Russian Jews in distress

The head of “Sohnut”: Russian Jews in distress

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Recently inaugurated Jewish Agency chairman Doron Almog said Russian Jews are in “disaster” fearing a return of Soviet-era policy of banning immigration to Israel in light of Russian efforts government to shut down his organization in the country.

Almog, in his first interview since becoming head of the Jewish Agency, told the public broadcaster Kan that “Sohnut” is working to help hundreds of thousands of people of Jewish origin who are eligible for Israeli citizenship.

Last month, the Russian Ministry of Justice began a process to shut down the Jewish Agency, which helps Russian Jews make aliyah and conducts educational programs for them. program.

Almog said that his organization continues its activities in Russia as usual and maintains constant contact with people on the ground.
In recent years, the 93-year-old Jewish Agency, established before the State of Israel , is called an anachronism. Its detractors argue that a government that is accountable to society is better suited to control repatriation than the Jewish Agency, which functions as a non-profit organization.

Almog argued that the organization was a necessary bridge between Jews outside Israel and the Israeli government.

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