The 'Hawkeye' arrives in the NBA in 2023-24 after a year of controversy

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NBA referees are under constant scrutiny this season

The 'Hawkeye' arrives in the NBA in 2023- 24 after a year of controversy

Hawkeye's eye, the technology already used in sports such as tennis or soccer to determine the exact position of the ball, will come soon. He will join the NBA starting in the 2023-2024 season and it will alleviate the pressure. The referees' job was partially undone after a season marred by a long series of errors.

The NBA signed off on the refs. recently entered into a multi-year agreement with Sony's Hawk-Eye Innovations for a technology that will enable This will allow the league to collect specialized data, monitor the movement of each player and the ball at all times, and facilitate various calls from referees.

The new technology will allow the league to collect specialized data. It will facilitate decision-making in objective cases such as the position of the players' feet in three-point shots or to determine if a player touched the ball. The ball will be on or off the court.

It is not excluded that in the future the 'Hawkeye' will carry out other activities. Automatic calls in those cases, something that already happens regularly in tennis, which no longer uses linesmen in its big tournaments on the ATP and WTA Tour.

And it is that technology developed for Sony will not only be used to help the arbitration, otherwise it will open the case. new horizons in match analysisand in the content offered to fans.

In fact, the NBA plans to perform virtual recreations of games and offer 'dynamic' angles to follow the plays of the stars.

The American league had been collaborating with Sony's Hawk-Eye Innovations since 2019 and carried out a series of games. some successful tests of the 'hawk's eye' in the last Summer League.

Referee errors

This NBA season has been marked by a long series of refereeing controversies and the commissioner, Adam Silver, highlighted the fact that the NBA was not the only one. He recently pointed out that refs are under constant review.

One of the most notable mistakes of the year occurred in January at a Los Angeles Lakers game. and the Boston Celtics, when they did not whistle a very clear foul on LeBron JamesIn the last seconds, a decisive failure that led to the failure. the indignation and anger of the Los Angeles team.

Questioned as to why the sport is over. there was no fault in the action of Jayson TatumI asked about LeBron, the referees of the game that just ended. With the victory of the Celtics in overtime (125-121) they admitted their mistake: “There was contact. At that moment, during the game, we did not see a foul. The referees failed on that play,” they explained.< /p>

“That one hurt SO MUCH!!! then LeBron.

Another case was registered in the United States. in early February in a duel between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Dallas Mavericks, when the referees returned a possession to the Texans believing that Brandon Ingram , one of the opponents, had touched the ball with one foot on the line.

That mistake ended up killing him. It cut off the Pelicans' chances of victory and the referees later recognized their mistake.

If in the case of LeBron, the 'hawk eye' would not give particular benefits, the new technology ;a will be able to facilitate calls like the one that involved to Ingram.