The Gran Caracas 2023 Caribbean Series trophy was announced

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  • The trophy of the Gran Caracas 2023 Caribbean Series was unveiled

    Humberto Oropeza, Giuseppe Palmisano, Ramón Ruíz, Kathy Di Battista and Carlos González.

During a pleasant meeting in modern facilities located in eastern Caracas, it was presented this Thursday , the trophy that will be given to you every day. the champion of the Greater Caracas Caribbean Series 2023. before the media, in addition to many other personalities linked to marketing that make life in professional baseball in the country.

The event was organized by the telecommunications company Simple TV, which took advantage of the event. This was the occasion to announce itself as the main official sponsor of the great regional tournament, to be held between February 2 and 10 of the next Gregorian calendar.

The act counted with the presence of Ramón Ruíz Meyemberg, general director of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation; in addition to Giuseppe Palmisano and Mr. Humberto Oropeza, top executive of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League and General Manager of the Baseball Committee. Series organizer, respectively. This trident was accompanied by Mrs. Kathy Di Battista, general manager of the television network, as well as by Mrs. as well as Mr. Carlos González, director of Sports Promotion and Production at Simple TV.

“First of all, I send you my greetings on behalf of Commissioner Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, who granted me the right to be appointed. I have the opportunity to be here today. I am on your behalf and I thank you, as well. like all of Caracas and Venezuela because of the warmth that they have shared with me” started His speech was given by an enthusiastic Ramón Ruíz, who predicted the future. a “watershed” contest, which could mark a before and after in the history of continental ball.

“The presidents of the other member leagues of the Confederation are very excited about what is coming. It will be It will be a unique event, with a great strategy from SimpleTV and a dedicated committee. very expert organizer led by Mr. Oropeza. I tell all Venezuelans, do not leave a single space in the La Rinconada and La Guaira stadiums. Go and enjoy the best Caribbean baseball,” said the player. the manager with a marked Mexican accent, where he comes from.

Palmisano, for his part, did not hide his The satisfaction that exists within the LVBP for what has been the entire organizational process that is being carried out. being carried out and the staging that aspires to launch even before the official playball voice.

“On behalf of the league we are extremely pleased with what is being done. doing so far. We will host a tournament that for the first time will have I saw eight teams in action and I have no doubts, it will be the best. wonderful. Similarly, for the first time in history, fans will be able to interact with the trophies, as well as the one that will be awarded to them. “I will welcome the champion club, as well as the most important players in the series, so that they can breathe in the atmosphere that is coming with Gran Caracas 2023,” said the president. He is also a member of the Navegantes del Magallanes staff.

After Palmisano, it was his turn. It was the turn of Humberto Oropeza to intervene, directly responsible for the execution of the Caribbean Series 2023 project and who externalized his knowledge. the positivism that reigns within the entire committee; That he leads, despite all the vicissitudes encountered along the way.

“It has been nine long years without the Caribbean Series in Venezuela. We have a great challenge ahead of us because of everything that has happened in the country, although we are going to send a message that we are equal to any host. Mexico always sets the bar quite high, but we are going to show that there is no better place to play baseball in the Caribbean than here, with the joy and passion that characterizes our fans.” commented on the leader.

Oropeza also revealed his identity. There will be a series of extra-sports activities, to provide all those attending the challenges, the opportunity to live a unique and unrepeatable experience.

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