The governor of Florida could be sued for banning the teaching of a course in schools

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Ron DeSantis prevented an elective course on African American studies

The governor Florida could be sued for prohibiting the teaching of a course in schools


Soledad CedroFrom Miami, Florida, United States

The governor of Florida could be sued for prohibiting the teaching of a course in schoolsschools

Attorney Ben Crump with student Elijah Edwards, during press conference (REUTERS/Octavio Jones)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is on a personal crusade against what the conservative wing of the political spectrum calls the < b>culture WOKE, a supposed progressive historical review of the present and past. A fundamental part of his “fight” against the WOKE culture revolves around so-called Critical Race Theory, an interdisciplinary intellectual and social movement of academics and activists from the civil rights emerged in the 70s that initially focused on liberal approaches to racial justice, but that in recent decades and, after the events of Black Lives Matter, began to gain strength and add support.

< p class="paragraph">In this fight against Critical Race Theory has fallen a high school elective course, which is also one of those that grant credit for the University (known as AP), and that teaches African-American history .

But a group of students is not willing to let the governor pass the ban on this course.

The governor of Florida could be sued for banning the teaching of a course in schools

Ron DeSantis (REUTERS/Marco Bello)

“If you don't negotiate with the Board of Education to reinstate the AP African-American studies course in the classrooms of the state of Florida, these three students you see here will be the visible faces of a class action lawsuit ”, explained civil rights lawyer Ben Crump during a press conference in which they announced that they are ready to sue.

“I have realized that I haven't learned anything about the culture and history of my people, beyond what my parents taught me,” complained Elijah Edwards, a 14-year-old African-American student, who along with two friends offered to be the visible face of the possible lawsuit.

From Tallahasse, the capital of Florida, they downplayed the potential student lawsuit.

“It's just a nonsensical fabrication for the media”, said state education department communications director Alex Lanfranconi.

While it wouldn't be the first time one of DeSantis's culture wars has reached judicial instances, it would be the first time that a group of minors is suing it. When the governor signed the so-called Anti-Woke LawLaw last year, a federal judge blocked part of its implementation.

< p class="paragraph">The state education department defended DeSantis's policy, stating that they had problems with various points within the subject matter curriculum, particularly the teaching of LGBTQ Black history, feminist thought black and the reparation movement.

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