The Government limits the navigation between Ferrol and Estaca de Bares due to the recent attacks of killer whales

The objective is “to guarantee the integrity of the people and the killer whales themselves,” according to the Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has announced this Tuesday the limitation of navigation to sailboats of up to 15 meters in length in the coastal strip of Cabo Prioriño, in Ferrol, to Estaca de Bares, in Mañón (A Coruña), after recent incidents with killer whales in this area. In a statement, he indicated that the resolution has been issued by the Ferrol Harbor Master's Office with the aim of “preventing new encounters” with cetaceans on that stretch of coast.

In any case, the state department has estimated that the vessels affected by the resolution will be able to navigate perpendicular to the delimited area to access the coastal zone or leave it towards the sea. Thus, he outlined that this measure is adopted to “guarantee the integrity of the people and of the killer whales themselves .

In this sense, he has alluded to a request made by the General Directorate of Biodiversity, Forests and Desertification of the central Government.


Transport has indicated that incidents with killer whales in coastal areas began to be detected on August 19 and that, since then, “there have been several attacks on sailboats , which have caused material damage of various degrees, especially at the helm.” . In addition, he recalled that some of these incidents have required the intervention of Maritime Rescue personnel.

According to the Central Executive, the interactions have mainly affected medium-sized sailboats, with a length equal to or less than 15 meters, and all the encounters have occurred between two and eight nautical miles from the coast.

Likewise, it has specified that the sailing speed oscillated between five and nine knots, exclusively under sail or sail and motor. The measure, which has already entered into force, will last for a week and is justified as “proportionate, objective and non-discriminatory.”

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