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The government is investing in community housing projects in Drummondville

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The Appartenance Drummond housing complex is under construction.

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Vulnerable Drummondvillois will be able to find housing more easily and at a lower cost.

The three levels of government are investing in two community housing projects intended, among others, for citizens living with a mental health issue or intellectual disability.

Named the Solidarity Island and the Drummond Appartenance Housing Complex, the two initiatives total an investment of more than $13 million.

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Residents of this social housing pay 25% of their income to live there.

Residents of these 37 social and affordable housing units managed by the Drummond Housing Office pay 25% of their income to live there .

For resident Suzelle Parent, who has already experienced homelessness, access to a supervised apartment at the Solidarity Island is a gift from heaven.

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Here, we try to work in solidarity […], to have compassion and empathy for people who are in distress. Here, there is no one who is afraid of others, she says.

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Suzelle Parcelle is a resident of the Îlot de solidarité.

Here, it's very pleasant, especially in summer, she adds.

We are really in the notion of permanent housing. The people are aging people and are people who will be able to keep their housing until the end of their days if they have the appropriate services. This is why we are focusing on solidarity, not just on the intervention of our teams, adds Jacinthe Dorr, the deputy general director of the Ensoleilvent organization.

With 14 units, the Appartenance Drummond complex should be completed in the coming months.

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