The Government approves teleworking for 2.5 million civil servants

It will be “voluntary and reversible”, carries “the same rights and obligations” as the face-to-face mode and will have to be “expressly authorized by each administrative unit”

The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday the basic regulation of telework in the Public Administration, which must now be developed in each area of the same, and from which the 2.5 million civil servants and public workers that exist in the whole of the country.

“It is the common framework in which all administrations must meet, which will have six months to develop the measure, ” explained Carolina Darias, Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function. “It is voluntary and reversible, ” it carries “the same rights and duties, it cannot imply the breach of working hours” and it must be “expressly authorized by the corresponding administrative unit,” he added.

Darias also wanted to emphasize that the ordinary modality continues to be face-to-face, and the possibility of teleworking will be subject to guaranteeing the provision of public services, ensuring compliance with the service needs, and the Administration will provide the means necessary technology .

The modification of article 47 of the Basic Statute of Public Employees, which approves the general framework of telework, has been carried out with the agreement of the unions and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP). From the union sphere, the Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF) has indicated that the measure “will improve working conditions and favor the reconciliation of work with the personal and family life of employees and public employees throughout Spain”, while has remarked that “non-face work is already a reality in the General State Administration , where it began to be applied in a pioneering way since last June, through a resolution.”

According to CSIF data, ” as of August 2020, a quarter of the civilian personnel of this administration had already taken advantage of it .” “Specifically, of a total of 175,463 people, 43,464 have decided to take advantage of the non-face-to-face mode for the care of children under 14 years of age, because they are in charge of the elderly, dependents or disabled people, or simply by virtue of this new right that allows the entire workforce to develop telework at least one day a week, “they state from the union.

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