The goalkeeper of the Colombian National Team left for soccer in Arabia. 

The goalkeeper of the Colombian National Team left for soccer in Arabia. 

David Ospina made a decisive decision for his future, he chose to accept the offer of football from Arabia, so he finished his European tour, after a long stay in Naples, Italy.

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The team Al Nassr, from Saudi Arabia, recently announced to David Ospinaas his new reinforcement, which aroused criticism in the Italian club.

Reviews from Italy

The goalkeeper of The Colombian National Team went to Arabia for soccer. 

In an interview with Italian media, the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, referred to the Colombian's departure, without mentioning it directly.

“The Napoli shirt has to be considered as your skin. Instead, there are those who talk about getting a raise, even though they are already privileged, and then they go to a totally unknown league just for pure money, then it is upset because they showed a lack of attachment to the club”, said De Laurentiis on the Italian radio network, Kiss Kiss Radio.

David Ospina is said to have signed a two-year contract for 3.5 million euros with the Arab club .

The goalkeeper of the Colombian National Team left for soccer in Arabia. 

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Al Nassr is considered one of the oldest teams in Saudi Arabia. However, it is far from being a high-level club. Ospina's signing came due to the arrival of Rudi García, a Spanish coach who trained Roma while Ospina played for Napoli.

The manager also questioned the departure of Kalidou Koulibaly to Chelsea. “If a player wants a new experience at a prestigious club, in the biggest league in the world, you have to recognize what he has given you and not put up obstacles,” he declared.

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