The global economy may go into recession, – J.P. Morgan

The global economy may go into recession, – J.P. Morgan

Global economy may experience recession, – J.P. Morgan

Morgan warned that the global economy could go into a recession against the backdrop of growth and the likelihood of a decline in inflation. About the price inform the Expert with the help of Reuters.

help to reduce inflation and the pressure on wages, as well as data on the stabilization of the trust of workers. “Imovirnіst m'yakoї planting grew up with a decrease in inflation …”, – go to the associated company. tsіl'ovy pokaznik of the European Central Bank. The cunning of the crisis of the Wartosti is the prospect of the snakesten Skorchuvati Vitrati.

at J.P.Morgana, Shcho ogropyki, I actively DIDIMOT, Schuvyvyvs. Corporate profits in Europe also “throw a cry to the economic momentum,” J.P. Morgan said.

< p> Let's guess, the data of the US Department of Labor last month showed that the lipnye spozhivchі tsіni did not grow up due to the sharp drop in gasoline, which became a warning sign for the Americans. Guessing, the US inflation has reached its highest level for the rest of the decade.