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The girl bit her boyfriend's tongue just before the last kiss

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

The girl bit her boyfriend's tongue just before the last kiss

Photo: Adaya Lopez

The model who bit her boyfriend's tongue after she tore her hundreds and asked for “the last kiss” was arrested after she left before the end . The Daily Star writes about this, as reported by TSN.

They thought that Adaya Lopez had flown to Thailand after a violent attack on her boyfriend.

Just a few days ago, a 26-year-old woman kicked the bucket after she was snatched from her apartment in the resort of Costa Brava, Spain.

The police detained her after an anonymous tip.

Lopez, deprived the yak his victim with language problems and gusto, may be transported to prison after appearing before a judge and will continue to receive the six-fold term of punishment for his brutal attack using the method of revenge.

Spanish Flu gave in to the fate of the past.

After a difficult trial, she was ordered to pay 60,000 euros in compensation and was given 15 days of notice after she was found guilty of injuring her partner, her 22nd birthday and more than anyone knows about him&#39 ;I am Aaron, after which she was condemned.

The model became a pumper, not complying with the decision of the court and not appearing before the end of the 15-day term.

Adaya, who learned about her misfortune on the Internet, stole herself during the trial and confirmed that she acted with self-defense after domestic violence, as a revenge for trying to drown her.

>Ale її was found guilty of to the one who used her teeth like “pincers” to tear out part of Aaron’s tongue, and then spat him out on the ground after she blessed him for “the last kiss” when he wanted to rip her hundred-year-old.

< p>Vin demanded professional help in order to solve his problems with thoughts, and, apparently, having lost all the relish and pleasure of dissolving the salt and licorice of the juice.

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