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The German singer performed Ukrainian songs at the grave of Iryna Tsybukh: touching video

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

>> Marlene Maas performed songs at Irina's grave “Cheky” Tsybukh/frame from the video

Singer from Germany Marlene Maas honored the memory of the deceased paramedic Iryna Tsybukh. She did this by performing several songs in Ukrainian at her grave.

The performer came to Lviv immediately after reading Iryna's posthumous letter. Marlen was deeply impressed by the text of the letter, noting its importance, reports Suspilne Lviv.

During her performance she sang “Oh in the meadow red viburnum”in ten languages, explaining that it was this song that inspired her to learn the Ukrainian language. In addition, Maas performed the national anthem of Ukraine and the song “Hallelujah”, presenting the Ukrainian version as well.

I didn't understand the lyrics of this song, but it really impressed me. I did the translation, I understood the text of this song, its meaning, and that I need to learn the language of this people, because they are a strong and indomitable people,
– admitted Marlen.

Marlen sang for Irina ” Checks” Tsybuh: watch the video

Please note that since the beginning of the Meuse invasion actively helping Ukraine. She repeatedly supported wounded soldiers, providing Ukrainian hospitals with the necessary equipment.

You can see the scale of this war right here, in this place. These are people who fought for freedom, justice, and democracy not only for their country, but also for us. It hurts me a lot to look, to watch all these graves,
– emphasized Maas.

Let us remind you that on May 29, Iryna “Cheka” Tsybukh died during a rotation in the Kharkiv direction. She should have celebrated her 26th birthday on June 1. The heroine was buried at the Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv.

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