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The German Lynx in the Armed Forces: why the Lynx BMP is a new level for Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024


The German defense company Rheinmetall plans to produce the first Lynx infantry fighting vehicle in Ukraine by the end of 2024. Focus  figured out what the German development is and how it will strengthen the Armed Forces.

Oleksandr Kamyshin, Minister of Strategic Industries, confirmed the information that Ukraine plans to produce the first Lynx BMP by the end of the year. If the German government expands the issue of funding, then in 2025 the Ukrainian plant will produce a “significant number” of Lynx, Rheinmetall head Armin Papperger said.

What is known about the Lynx BMP

Lynx — is the latest infantry fighting vehicle designed and mass-produced by Rheinmetall. The universal platform allows you to create machines for various purposes on its basis:

  • BMP;
  • command and staff vehicle;
  • armored repair and evacuation vehicle;< /li>
  • medical vehicle;
  • air defense complex.

In the BMP version, the main armament is a 30mm or 35mm gun in the LANCE turret, which also has several iterations. A launcher for anti-tank missiles, such as Spike-LR, can also be additionally installed. The Lynx was first introduced in 2016, with the heavier KF41 two years later.

The infantry fighting vehicle has modern systems and architecture. In particular, a high level of situational awareness, modular booking and other systems. The layout of the Lynx is classic: the powerplant is on the right at the front, the exhaust system is on the right, and the cooling system is directed to the rear to reduce thermal and acoustic performance. The undercarriage has six bearing rollers.

Lynx armored personnel carrier

The protection of combat vehicles can change according to the threat. Therefore, there are two types of reservation: standard MCO complex and enhanced CUE. The first package is designated as a set for conducting against an enemy with similar weapons. The second provides an additional armor set for battles in urban areas.

Also, for protection against cumulative charges, there is an option to add a complex of active protection Strike Shield APS from Rheinmetall. A laser radiation warning system, an acoustic shot locator, as well as automatic target recognition and tracking are integrated into the tower. All this allows you to increase the survivability of the vehicle and fighters on the battlefield.

Variants of the Lynx BMP

The German developer created two versions of the Lynx BMP KF31 and KF41. Currently, it is not known which version will be produced in Ukraine. The two versions are distinguished by weight and other indicators. The KF31 version is lighter and weighs between 35 and 38 tons. There can be up to six soldiers in a paratrooper unit. Engine power is 755 horsepower, which allows you to accelerate to 65 km/h.

A heavier version of the KF41 was introduced in 2018. Its maximum permissible weight is as much as 50 tons. The landing compartment is designed for 8 people, and the engine power is as much as 1140 horsepower. The maximum speed is also higher and reaches 70 km/h. The larger platform allows mounting even a 120 mm gun.

Lynx key features

Rheinmetall notes several points. Among them is a high degree of compatibility of parts and components in the Lynx family. Significant battlefield awareness that will allow the crew to identify the target and strike first and with fewer shots. The crew, by the way, consists of three members. Also, the versatility of the platform allows the production of BMPs for the specific needs of the customer with the same level of protection, weapons and systems. Attention is also focused on comfort for fighters. There is an air conditioner inside, and the machine itself has a high level of protection.

How the Lynx BMP will strengthen the Armed Forces

The Ukrainian army has a large variety of infantry fighting vehicles in its arsenal, for example, the Soviet line of BMPs and their analogues in the countries of the Warsaw Pact, western BMPs of the type CV90, M2 Bradley or Rosomak. If we try to compare them in the most simplified way, then the Soviet BMP — these are “Zhiguli”, western M2 Bradley — old, but reliable and powerful Mercedes, and CV90 or Lynx — it is full of the latest technology from Mercedes or Saab of the latest iteration.

For the ZSU, the Lynx BMP will mean additional mechanization, as well as a technological advantage over Russian BMPs. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation does not have advanced machines that would have been presented in 2016 and would have the same set of technologies. Currently, Lynx did not fight on the territory of the Russian-Ukrainian war, so there are no reviews from the defenders.

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