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The German-French conglomerate showed the main tank premiere of the year – the Leopard 2A-RC tank

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

The German-French conglomerate showed the main tank premiere of the year – the Leopard 2A-RC tank

We are talking about the main tank premiere of the year from KMW​ and Nexter, which will be shown at Eurosatory 2024 and will be really hard to beat

The German-French KNDS (conglomerate Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Nexter) made, at least for now, the main tank premiere of the year – Leopard 2A-RC. Actually – modernization of the Leopard 2 tank by installing a new unmanned turret (combat module), which can be equipped with both a classic 120-mm gun and new ones – in 130-mm caliber from Rheinmetall, as well as KNDS's own development – 140-mm Ascalon transformer gun.

So far, the company has published only a photo, a brief description of the new development and concise characteristics, and the Leopard 2A-RC will be shown live at the Eurosatory 2024 exhibition, which will be held in Paris from 17 to June 21.

And it should be noted right away that the Leopard 2 will receive a modern automatic loader, which should provide rapid fire of 3 shots in 10 seconds. And the number of the crew, which will be housed in the hull with new protection, has decreased to three people.

According to the published specifications, the weight of the Leopard 2A-RC will be less than 60 tons, and it will also be slightly lower. In particular, the height of the Leopard 2A7 on the roof of the tower is 2.64 meters, and the Leopard 2 A-RC – 2.44 meters.

KNDS also declares that thanks to the unmanned tower, they managed to reduce the vulnerable area of ​​the machine by 30%.

It is possible to pay attention to another key direction – increasing protection due to freeing weight due to the replacement of the turret. Because the Leopard 2 A-RC received standard dynamic protection and the Trophy active protection complex, which is also installed on the Leopard 2A7.

In addition, it is indicated that the tank received a UAV warning system, without details of its operation algorithm. But against the background of this, it is necessary to pay attention to the combat module with a 30 mm automatic cannon, which by itself copes well not only with a whole category of ground targets, but also shows itself excellently against Dorns.

In addition to this Leopard 2A-RC received a separate launcher for anti-tank missiles that can attack in NLOS (out of line of sight) mode. This very much hints at integration into the Spike machine.

All this, of course, along with a fully digital fire control system, various sights, panoramas, thermal imagers and all the other attributes of any modern machine. And thus, currently Leopard 2A-RC really looks like a very interesting direction of further and really radical modernization of this machine. And what is more interesting – for all Leopard 2 operators.

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