The German Bundestas called for more supplies of armor to Ukraine

The German Bundestas called for more supplies of armor to Ukraine

At the German Bundestasis, they called for more supplies of foreigners from Ukraine >

Bundestasis call for more supplies from Ukraine, navіtse tse temporally to loosen the German military, write to Spiegel.

Deputies Christian Klіnk (SDPN), Sara Nanny (Union 90/Zeleni) and Alexander Müller ( FDP) declared about the importance of the support of Ukraine, so as to fight not only for the power of freedom, but also for the values ​​of Europe.

"Aggressive warrosії є a turning point, and it also vymagaє vіdkrittya new paths for the defense of our meth – the order of the world, based on the rules, de keruє force to the law, and not the law of the strongest “, – go to the material.

< p>Klink, Nanny and Müller stand for the increase in the supply of military equipment to Ukraine in the long-term perspective. For their words, the supporter is guilty of including the training of our soldiers, the supply of ammunition and other things.

The deputies slander the fact that the result of the Russian-Ukrainian war is a direct legacy for Europe, and also for Germany.


"Success for Russia to support European security. Moscow is not better to bring its cordon closer to the EU. It would also show that it is possible to achieve political goals for additional aggressive warfare in Europe. In this manner, the defeat of Kiev meant even more insignificance, instability and escalation for Europe; once the success of Ukraine – more security”, – the deputies respected.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga