The gang of the former custodian of Lacalle Pou had offered a Russian tycoon very close to Putin to invest in Uruguay

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The notary public who participated in the network for falsifying citizenship testified in court that he suggested contacts with former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich

The gang of the former custodian of Lacalle Pou had offered a Russian magnate who was very close to Putin to invest in Uruguay

The former custodian of Lacalle Pou was reportedly doubtful about the possibility that Abramóvich was interested in investing in Uruguay REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett /File Photo

During the attempts of the Uruguayan president Luis Lacalle PouTo secure foreign investors, two members of the document forgery network involving the former head of presidential security offered the contact of Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich. This was stated by the notary public Álvaro Fernández -involved in the maneuver- before the prosecutor Gabriela Fossati and disclosed by El País. This Thursday he will testify again before the Prosecutor's Office.

Among other details, the notary public confessed that they were meeting at the government headquarters with Alejandro Astesiano, specifically in his office located on the fourth floor of the Executive Tower. In one of those meetings it would have been that he offered him the possibility of bringing Abramovich closer to Uruguay.

As Fernández declared, Astesiano was hesitant regarding the possibility raised, especially due to the enormous purchasing power of the Russian oligarch. Therefore, at the next meeting, the Russian manager Alexey Slivaev was also present. “He told him how he could that a very strong investor was coming and showed him photos of the businessman. He showed her the boats, he showed them the photos. And he told him that it was a very important, very important one,” said the notary in his statement.

Abramovich is a Russian billionaire linked to the oil industry and known for having bought the team< b>ChelseaFootball Club. His name also became relevant in the public sphere when, in February of this year -after the outbreak of the war between Ukraine and Russia- he disassociated himself from the club due to his close relationship with Vladimir Putin. In this context, the European Union had frozen the assets of various businessmen.

He also referred to Astesiano's role in the organization. “He talked a lot, but when (one) had a client, he turned around a lot,” said the notary. “When we had an investor, he didn't give us a ball. I never understood why he didn't give us a ball. We are not talking about just any investor, he is a gigantic investor. I don't know if you know who Abramóvich is,” Fernández told the prosecutor.

As reported by El País, Astesiano doubted his accomplices and this was criticized by the gang, justifying that for this reason they lost clients.

Russian manager Alexey Slivaev also testified this Wednesday and said that He only saw Astesiano three times. In addition, he assured that the contacts that he would have offered were never made, reported La Diaria. In this sense, he pointed out that he was not involved in any forgery and that he had no way of verifying the authenticity of the birth certificates that came to him.

Abramóvich: the “ This is why Putin is still in power”

As stated in March this year by Maria Konstantinovna Pevchikh, head of the investigation unit of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, for its acronym in English), the Russian oligarch “is the reason why Putin remains in power”, in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In addition to integrating the long list of oligarchs sanctioned by the West, Abramovich was relevant at the beginning of the war for his participation in the negotiations -unsuccessful- between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, he is accused of having defrauded the State of almost 3,000 million dollars.

At the end of March, Abramóvich suffered symptoms of possible poisoning, the same ones that affected two negotiators of kyiv. “They did not intend to kill, it was just a warning,” reported journalist Christo Grozev, from the German portal Bellingcat.