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The mayor invites CDPQ Infra not to work “in isolation” during its mandate aimed at defining the best structuring public transport network for Quebec.

The Caisse will have to bring elected officials and citizens into the picture, warns Marchand

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Bruno Marchand asks CDPQ Infra to take into account the questions and concerns raised by the citizens of Quebec and their elected representatives.

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Bruno Marchand invites the Caisse de deposit and placement not to work in silos and to take the time to consult the citizens of Quebec and municipal elected officials as part of its mandate aimed at defining the best structuring public transport network project for the capital.

We cannot come up with a plan without consulting citizens and elected officials. The opposite would testify to having worked in isolation in an ivory tower. I'm sure that's not what CDPQ Infra wants, said the mayor of Quebec on Tuesday.

He asks the Caisse subsidiary to hold its first meeting with all the elected officials who sit at City Hall, whether they are in favor of the tram project or not, in order to allow them to relay questions and concerns. concerns of their constituents.

From the moment [the people at the Caisse say] that they are going to make sure to list the studies, see [what is] the best project, I think that it is a minimum that they can listen to the people who were duly elected by the population [to allow them] to express what their visions are, even if it is not my vision, insisted the mayor.

It is also up to elected officials to recall the importance of the Fund being able to align with everyone citizens, both pro and anti-tramway.

A quote from Bruno Marchand, mayor of Quebec

Bruno Marchand welcomes the fact that CDPQ Infra has already requested written opinions from elected officials in the region and various partners from civil society, notably business people and environmental organizations. According to our information, around a hundred letters were sent.

Mr. Marchand insists, however, that the Caisse subsidiary must begin its consultation work with the elected representatives of the city council.

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Prime Minister François Legault (right) met with President of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Charles Émond, on November 15. (Archive photo)

The mayor of Quebec hopes that at the end of his mandate, CDPQ Infra will be able to propose a structuring transport network project ready to start quickly.

If, in six months, we arrive at a conclusion which still merits other evaluations, other reflections, other analyses, well, what I told you will unfortunately prove to be true. , is that we are going to start again for two, three, four years of reflection, design, reference and we are going to find ourselves at the point where we were at the beginning of November, warned Bruno Marchand.

He believes that the Legault government has every interest in not letting things drag on if it wants to achieve the greenhouse gas (GHG) targets that he fixed himself.

To reduce its emissions by 37.5% below the 1990 level by 2030, Quebec will have to reduce the automobile modal share, which necessarily involves the development of a more efficient and attractive public transport offer, pleaded the mayor.

This is still the government’s objective. It's not mine, it's his. So, how will he wait for him if he waits and then if he delays? I think he's shooting himself in the foot, argued Bruno Marchand.

Radio-Canada revealed Tuesday that five years after the implementation of its Sustainable Mobility Policy, a key element of the climate plan aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the transport sector by 2030, the Legault government has no idea of ​​the extent of the reduction in GHG emissions attributable to this policy.

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