The Frenchman received 50 thousand euros due to complaints about boring work

The Frenchman received 50 thousand euros due to complaints about boring work

A boring job allegedly harmed a man.

A Frenchman received 50,000 euros because of complaints about boring work

An employee of the French company Interparfums Frederic Denard complained to the court about his boring work. The man said that she makes him depressed, and received 50 thousand euros for this, Channel 24 reports.

Sometimes workers sue employers because of too difficult working conditions. But here the situation was different – Frederic Denard, a former employee of the French company Interparfums, decided to sue due to boring work and lack of responsibilities, because this led to serious depression.

Denard said that between 2010 and 2014, he was assigned only minor duties instead of serious work in his specialty. For example, he had to set up the boss's tablet. “I was embarrassed to get paid for doing nothing,” he says.

Because of such a boring job, the man got burned out. In addition, he associates the occurrence of epileptic seizures with stress and lack of motivation at work.

Already in September 2014, Frederic was fired due to a long absence from the workplace. In addition, the lawyers said that the man did not complain about the lack of duties.

However, Denar filed a lawsuit in 2016 and demanded compensation from the employer in the amount of 360 thousand euros. The court decided this case for two years, and subsequently satisfied the claim, but only partially – Frederic received only 50,000 euros for boring work. employer, but after several years of litigation, the court ruled in favor of Denard, awarding him 50,000 euros in compensation.