The French footballer has been the victim of extortion. His brother to prison. 

The French footballer has been the victim of extortion. His brother to prison. 

Paul Pogba and his mother Yeo Moriba are under police protection in their respective countries of residence, Italy and France, due to the bizarre case of blackmail that has led to Paul's brother, Mathias, being charged and in pretrial detention.

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Threats and extortion

< p>The French soccer player has been the victim of extortion. His brother, in prison.&nbsp;

According to Le Parisien and L'Equipe, the decision to have this police protection -which is combined with private security with which the media of the Juventus already hasof Turin – is not surprising, considering the dangerous nature of the investigated group, which includes Mathias.

Paul Pogba's older brother has spent his first night in jail for his alleged involvement in the blackmail, in which he is involved along with four other men, all of them childhood friends of the soccer player and some of them with criminal records.

The five involved have denied before the judge their participation in the extortion and kidnapping of the Juve player, from whom they would have demanded 13 million in exchange for protection services, and have assured that they acted under pressure from another group, from which they did not manage to give details.

New details

In the midst of the scandal, Pogba's testimonies were revealed in which he recounted the harsh situation he experienced. Paul declared on August 9 to those in charge of the cause of the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime. His story is from a movie.

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He says that heavily armed and hooded men threatened him to pay 13 million euros, including 3 million in cash, for the protection that two men would have given him for years.< “I was scared. Both guys pointed their guns at me. So in that situation under threat, I told them I was going to pay”, said Pogba in his account. According to the current line of investigation, Mathias would have mediated to pressure and harass both the French international and his environment (his mother Yeo Moriba and her representative, the Brazilian Rafaela Pimenta), so that Paul would pay. In this case that has convulsed French football, Kylian Mbappé has also been splashed. Mathias said that his brother had hired a sorcerer to cast an evil eye on the PSG striker and teammate, a winger denied by the former Manchester United player. EFE

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