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The French army introduces a new anti-drone system on the main VAB tank

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

French Army Unveils New Anti-Drone System on Main Battleship VAB

During the Eurosatory exhibition, the French Army deployed VAB ARLAD [Reactive Anti-Drone Adaptation] during its dynamic presentation. which is an armored vehicle equipped with drone detection and neutralization capabilities.

Development of the VAB ARLAD was initiated by the Army Technical Section in 2020. The goal was to equip the armored vehicle [VAB] with a drone detection radar and an effector capable of destroying drones, including a 12.7 mm machine gun that also had grenade launcher capability.

The 12.7 mm machine gun proved insufficient, so in STAT, the idea arose to strengthen it with the possibility of an “air burst” using a 40-mm grenade launcher. It was supposed to work in tandem with the radar — the same as in the MILAD [Joint Anti-Drone Warfare Means] system — capable of detecting a mini-drone at a distance of 2,500 meters.

Despite the fact that several units have been deployed in the Sahel in 2021, the VAB ARLAD is still not operational on a large scale in the army.

Development of the VAB ARLAD was supported by Arquus and CS Group, who were entrusted with the MILD program.

According to the program and developers speaking in April 2024, only 12 VAB ARLADs will be produced. However, under the 2024-2030 Military Program Act, in addition to these 12 VAB ARLADs, the Army is expected to have 36 Serval Light Multi-Role Armored Vehicles [VBMR-L] designed for anti-aircraft combat, 24 of which will be equipped with a turret MISTRAL [light portable anti-aircraft missile]. This especially increases the capabilities of army units in the fight against aerial threats.

Natasha Kumar

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