The former president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez will be prosecuted by ordinary means

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Judge Marco Antonio Amaru declared himself competent to move forward with the process on charges of genocide, homicide, and serious and minor injuries

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The former president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez will be prosecuted by ordinary means

The former temporary president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, has already been sentenced to 10 years in prison accused of having carried out a coup against his predecessor, the leftist Evo Morales in 2019, the court announced. (AFP)

A Bolivian judge declared himself competent on Tuesday to try former interim president Jeanine Áñez by ordinary means, in a case related to the death of of civilians during his transitional government, despite the fact that an accusation by the Prosecutor's Office for a trial of responsibilities resides in Parliament.

In statements to the media, lawyer Luis Guillén stated that judge Marco Antonio Amaru from El Alto, a neighboring city of La Paz, declared itself “competent” in the Senkata case, for which reason she will be prosecuted by the “ordinary way” on charges of genocide, homicide and injuries severe and minor.

The judicial determination emanated from a virtual hearing, which lasted around five hours, in which the former president's defense and some opposition parliamentarians presented some judicial incidents that were dismissed.

In the judicial act, Áñez took the floor and described the audience as a “circus” and of being in a “cage” in which “she should be alone and exclusively” former president Evo Morales, whom he pointed out to be the “director of this show”.

The former president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez will be tried by ordinary means

The former president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez will be tried by ordinary means. (AFP)

Áñez also asserted that this judicial process “sooner or later will be null and void” for ignoring a former president, since she stated that a trial of responsibilities corresponds to her.

Áñez also addressed Judge Amaru and reminded him that the government presented him as an arrestee to the media in March 2022, accusing him of allegedly trying to free a femicide.

The defense of the former interim president mentioned that the judge who declared himself competent assumed a “prevaricating” position by placing himself above the Supreme Court of Justice and the General Prosecutor's Office who in 2021 presented, for the same case, an accusation proposal before Parliament .

The government of President Luis Arce has accused the leaders of the opposition Comunidad Ciudadana, former President Carlos Mesa, and We believe, of the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, now detained for the events of the 2019 crisis, to stop the process in Parliament.

The former president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez will be prosecuted by ordinary means

Since her arrest there have been constant demonstrations in support of the former president. (EFE/Jorge Abrego)

Despite the fact that the ruling Movement for Socialism (MAS) has a majority in the Legislature, the vote of the opposition forces is needed to reach the two-thirds necessary to activate a trial of responsibilities.

Áñez has been detained since March 2021 in a prison in La Paz , initially accused of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy in the case that became known as “coup d'état I”.

Then the “coup d'état” process was opened of State II” pointing her out for the crimes of resolutions against the Constitution and breach of duties, for which a judge sentenced her to 10 years in prison for the way in which she placed herself in line of presidential succession after the resignation of Morales and the other authorities who followed him.

For the ruling party, the 2019 protests were a “coup” against former president Evo Morales, while for the opposition they were due to fraud election in the unsuccessful elections of that year.

(With information from EFE)

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