The former Italian Prime Minister Conte, investigated for the management of the covid pandemic

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The former Italian Prime Minister Conte, investigated for the management of the covid pandemic

The formerItalian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the former head of Health Roberto Speranza are among the twenty judicially investigated for the management at the start of the coronavirus pandemic It was found in northern Italy, which in February 2020 became the western focus of a virus that caused the disease. about 188,000 deaths in the country.

The Bergamo Prosecutor's Office (north) has closed, after three years of work, the investigation to clarify the reasons why the Lombardy region, and especially the province of Bergamo, became the most affected by the pandemic in the entire country, and if behind this tragedy there was some kind of political responsibility.

In addition s de Conte and Speranza are also listed as investigated on president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana; the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro; the then head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrellli, among other prominent personalities, according to local media.

Five-Star Leader

“I find out about the news related to the investigation in Bergamo through the press agencies. I immediately anticipate my maximum availability and collaboration with the Justice”, assured Mr. Conte after the first results of the investigation were known.

The former chief of the Executive, who currently leads the Five Star Movement (M5S), expressed his concern. “calm before the country and the Italian citizens for having acted with the maximum commitment and full sense of responsibility in one of the hardest moments experienced by our Republic”.

The then Minister of Health also expressed his concern. his “full confidence in the judiciary”. “I have always thought that whoever had responsibilities in managing the pandemic should be willing to be held accountable. I am very serene and sure that I have always acted with discipline and honor in the exclusive interest of the country. or fully, as always, in the judiciary,” said Speranza in a note.

For its part, the association of relatives of the victims who denounced the crime. the management of the pandemic before the Justice was shown to be difficult. I am grateful for the decision of the Bergamo Prosecutor's Office.

“The magistrates have identified precise responsibilities in the management of the pandemic that involve the political and institutional sector. We have always fought for our loved ones despite the 'omertá' (silence) that has marked this history. This decision does not return our loved ones, but rather honors their memory,” they said.

Isolation of Bergamo

Research has tried to clarify why it was so isolated. at the beginning of the pandemic, various areas of the province of Bergamo were not isolated from the outset despite the fact that there was data certifying that the virus was already roaming the streets and hospitals of their municipalities.

It all started here. It happened on February 21, when it was confirmed. the first case of contagion in the nearby Lombard municipality of Codogno. A day later the government isolated the country. eleven outbreaks, ten towns in Lombardy, in the province of Lodi, and another in Veneto (northeast).

However, those in Nembro and Alzano, areas of high industrial concentration in the province of Bergamo and that they would not isolate themselves until March 8, and the relatives of the victims in both towns denounced that during those two weeks the virus circulated throughout the country. Freely, making the situation critical.