The former Argentine soccer player told what the goal against England was, which went down in history.

The former Argentine soccer player told what the goal against England was, which went down in history.

The AFA released its content on demand in 2020, for 60 days, to help distract yourself in times of quarantine. On the AFA Play platform, you could find historical matches and exclusive testimonials with the main legends of the national team, from Lionel Messi to Diego Maradona. And it was the latter who revealed new details of the historic goal against England in Mexico 1986 known as “The Hand of God”.

“As soon as I put it in, the idiot Checho Batista asks me if I did it with my hand. 'Shut your mouth, idiot, and hug me', I told. That's when they all started hugging me. Valdano also tells me: 'Don't tell me it was with your hand?' And I answer the same. 'I'll tell you later, Valdano, stop blowing your balls,'” Maradona revealed.

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On the afternoon of June 22, 1986 in Mexico City, Maradona opened the scoring with a goal with his hand and then sealed Argentina's victory and passage to the semifinals with the most wonderful goal in World Cup memory. And In the juicy interview with AFA Play, the current Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata coach told more details. “I was looking for a wall because the English were a rock. Fenwick, Butcher, everyone on defense was big. And also Sansom, who is the one who gives me the pass. Valdano won't give me the pass. Sansom anticipates it. And Sansom wants to play it backwards, at that time there was no playing it backwards and continuing, but rather giving it to the goalkeeper so that he could continue. When I saw that it was going up, I said 'I can never reach it, come down please'. An idea occurred to me: stick your hand in and stick your head in. Sure, when I fell, I didn't understand where the ball was. I look and the ball is in the net! Then I start yelling 'goal, goal!'.

The former Argentine soccer player recounted the goal against England, which went down in history.

Finally, Maradona said that years later he would meet again with the Tunisian referee of that match, Ali Bin Nasser. “I visited him while he was in Dubai. He told me one thing. The linemen took the goal, they did not see the hand, but there were 80 thousand people they didn't even notice. I just wasn't the wrong one. The whole court was wrong,” he said.

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Other stories told in the interview

“We were poor, so poor, that the game against Talleres de Córdoba was played at three or four in the afternoon. There was a fucking sun. But I went with corduroy pants, ha. The only pants I had were corduroy.At that time, the guachos used the corduroy ones in winter and the others in summer. But I sent myself straight, what did I care about the heat if I had a heart that was beating in an incredible way. I took train 44, 135, and got off at Boyacá and Jonte. There I met my old man, who had gone to work. When the Argentinian players saw me with the corduroy, they thought I had the wrong closet. But the reality is that we didn't even have a closet, ha. I swear to my mom who is in heaven.”

Passarella's departure from Mexico 1986

“We didn't throw him out Passarella lay down alone. He said that, having Menotti in mind, he could not play with Bilardo. But I had Menotti in mind, and I was champion with Bilardo, so he can't tell me about it,” he said about the Kaiser.


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