The footballer was found with a blonde woman in a bar. 

The separation of the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué with the Colombian singer Shakira continues to be the subject of the Spanish media, who have been commissioned to investigate what really happened.

The central defender has been known to be unleashed for some time on nightly rumbas, accompanied by the best friends of his and of many women.

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The night has become the center of his life for him, more so when it was confirmed that he lives in his bachelor's house in Barcelona and that he broke up with Shakira.

The media have followed the information to the letter and some images of Piqué have been known in his nightlife in Barcelona and in others in Europe.

According to the 'Mamarazzis' of El Periódico, Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa, last Wednesday, the soccer player flew to Stockholm for an event of his company Kosmos, and was He was accompanied by a mysterious blonde, of whom only a silhouette can be seen but there is no further information.

This is how the cameras captured him, while trying to go unnoticed: