The footballer left a subsequent message on his social networks. 

The striker for the Brazilian national team and the French PSG Neymar Júnior thanked his followers for the messages of support after the “scare” he experienced this Tuesday when the plane that was transporting him back to Brazil made a “precautionary” landing in the city of Boa Vista (north).

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“I'm just passing by to thank you for all the messages, but everything is fine and we're on our way home. It was just a scare,” Neymar said in a video posted on his Instagram profile inside a plane, although without specifying whether it was the same plane or another.

Scare in the sky

Shortly before Neymar's statement to his followers, his press office issued a statement reporting that all passengers and crew members of the aircraft were “well” in the capital of the Amazonian state of Roraima, which borders Venezuela.

“Due to a small problem in the windshield of the NR Sports company plane, where the athlete Neymar Jr., his sister Rafaella Santos and Bruna Biancardi were, the pilot decided, as a precaution, to make an early landing in Boa Vista, until the problem can be resolved,” the press release said.

“We inform everyone that the passengers are fine, waiting to resume the trip,” added the 30-year-old soccer player's advice.

The ESPN Brasil channel, the first to report on the incident, indicated that the luxurious Cessna 680 Citation aircraft, which belongs to the firm Neymar Sport E Marketing
, was manufactured in 2008 and It has a market price of 94 million reais (about 18.8 million dollars).

Neymar, on the networks

On the morning of this Tuesday, photos of the player circulated on social networks with fans and employees of the Boa Vista International Airport who were posted on different fan profiles and on fan group pages of the French PSG attacker and the Brazilian national team.

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Neymar, according to the information, was traveling with his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi, his sister Rafaella and some friends, with whom he spent a few days on vacation in Las Vegas and returned to Brazil, where he was expected this Tuesday at his beach house in Mangaratiba, on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro.< /p>

After the technical repair, to avoid effects on the pressurization, the aircraft must continue to Sao Paulo, as planned since it left the US city of Fort Lauderlale on Monday night.

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