The footballer faces a possible life sentence.  

The footballer faces a possible life sentence.  

Alleged victims of soccer player Benjamin Mendy have begun to testify during the trial being held against the player for sexual abuse.

The first of the seven women who accuse the soccer player of rape declared that she met Mendy in Barcelona in 2017.

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'I'm going to kidnap you'

According to the complainant's statement, Mendy threatened her during a night out : “When he's not looking, I'm going to kidnap you… I thought he was kidding.”

He recounted that after the party the young woman and a friend spent the night in the soccer player's mansion, where it was said in the first session of the trial that he had panic rooms in which he locked up his victims.

“He made an effort to see me and take my towel off,” he said, according to what happened the next morning.

“He had a predatory look in his eyes… I tried to push him away but he kept pushing me away. He took off his boxers and had his penis close to me. He kept saying, 'Don't worry,'” the woman explained .

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The footballer faces a possible sentence of  life imprisonment.  

Another woman claimed that the French international tried to obtain her silence after raping her three times in a room where the footballer tricked her into using his mobile phone.

“Don't tell anyone and you can come back here every nights,” declared the 20-year-old woman, quoting the player, in harsh testimony released this Thursday during the trial against Mendy in Chester, near Liverpool.

The alleged victim said that he met the soccer player and his friends during an outing to a place near Mendy's house in October 2020 and agreed to go there later. While he was checking his phone, Mendy grabbed him, accusing her of taking pictures of him, according to the young woman.

Then, she followed him into the house, to his bedroom, the opening of which was activated by fingerprint. The door closed after them. “Look, I want my phone, I don't know what you're thinking. I don't want to have sex with you,” she remembered her saying.

The player's response, according to the woman: “The door is closed anyway.”
Mendy forced her to undress and raped her three times in about twenty minutes, despite the fact that she repeatedly refused.

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“I don't want to do this (…) I have to go,” he narrated. “My body was so tense, it hurt so much,” she recounted, saying that she had bled after this forced intercourse. And she assured that Mendy, after the rapes, had called her “shy”, had boasted of having had relations with “10,000 women” and had tried to obtain her silence in exchange for her coming back the following days.

“As if it were a privilege to come every night to do this with him,” said the young woman.

The trial< /h3>

The 28-year-old French defender, suspended for a year by Manchester City, appears for eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault against seven women.

The prosecution presented him as a “predator” who abused “vulnerable, terrified and isolated” victims.

Mendy denies the ten charges brought against him for events that allegedly took place between October 2018 and August 2021 at his home in Prestbury, Cheshire.

Mendy faces life in prison. And the highly publicized trial, taking place at Chester's Crown Court, is expected to last more than three months.


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