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>> The crew wears special pajamas during long-haul flights/Collage Radio MAXIMUM

Emirates stewardess once again surprised the world with her elegance. But this time she showed not only her impeccable uniform.

A famous flight attendant named Dani revealed the secrets of special pajamas that the crew is forced to wear during long flights. The girl posted the video in which she shares the secret on her tiktok.

Many people have probably never imagined what flight attendants look like in pajamas. Emirates is known for its stylish uniforms and strict dress code, which does not allow any deviations even on vacation. But then the unexpected happened: one of the flight attendants confessed to the need for pajamas during flights and revealed the real reason behind it.

Dani showed off the pajamas, which consist of a red top with 'Crew' printed on the back and striped cotton pants. As it turns out, it's not just a fashion item, but an important piece of safety.

A flight attendant showed her pajamas to the crew: watch the video

danidboyy1 Replying to Milly Jean Sharrock Emirates crew pjs explained #emirates #cabincrew #avaition #crewlife #flightattendant original sound – Daniboy

During long-haul flights, crew members change into pajamas and go for a break. If an emergency happens during the break and they don't have time to change into regular uniforms, they will still be easily recognizable among the passengers,
she emphasized.

Hundreds of spectators showed their support and agreement. with airline policy:

  • “It's so elegant and practical”,
  • “Such a stroke of genius”, < /li>
  • “Sounds reasonable and logical”.

Please note that Dani's number of followers has increased to over half a million, earning a lot of attention for her insider videos about the life of a flight attendant.

So now you know what flight attendants hide on long flights. As you can see, the company has thought through everything to take care of people during their travels.

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