The Flash : season 7 will be very different from the previous ones, fans will be surprised

The Flash : la saison 7 sera très différente des précédentes, les fans seront surpris

The Flash : season 7 will be very different from the previous ones, fans will be surprised

It will have to wait until January 2021 to discover the season 7 of The Flash, but this will be worth waiting for. Eric Wallace (showrunner) has promised, the new episodes will take on a new form in order to surprise fans of the first hour. Attention spoilers.

The season 6 of The Flash had a different format than the previous with two big stories cut into two parts : the first one with the Dr. Ramsey Rosso to lead to the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, the second with Eva McCulloch and the plot Mirror Master. The good news is that the creators will continue this momentum during the season 7 with a new way of telling the story of the series.

A season 7 is different from the previous ones

As we know, following the outbreak of Covid-19, the filming of season 6 has been interrupted, which thus prevented the creators conclude perfectly with their plan. Is it a problem ? On the contrary, “a blessing in disguise” according to Eric Wallace (the showrunner) interviewed by TVLine. It has, indeed, told, the three last episodes of season 6 that could not be turned will be reused the next year, and this, in a fresh new way.

As it is The Flash, there is always a huge cliffhanger at the end of each season and this twist will now be used during the first episodes of season 7” has clarified the writer. A detail for some, but a real opportunity creative for the team, “It’s going to totally change our way of telling a story on all of this season 7.

A unseen scene

Eric Wallace has nothing unveiled specific about it, but he knows that, the result should surprise no one, “It is up to us to rethink what may look like a season of The Flash. (…) Not only do I know what happens at the end of season 6, but I could even tell you everything that will happen in the season 7“. Thus, you can expect an “even more link with the world of comics” and an amazing achievement, “everything will not be put in the scene of how the fans think“.

Convince Candice Patton and Grant Gustin to stay in the series ? We keep our fingers crossed.

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