The Flash season 7: new evolutions for Killer Frost, a problem for Caitlin?

The Flash season 7: new evolutions for Killer Frost, a problem for Caitlin?

The Flash season 7: new evolutions for Killer Frost, a problem for Caitlin?

The Flash season 7: new evolutions for Killer Frost who will be always more important The season 7 of The Flash could see Barry's Team face a big problem. Danielle Panabaker has confided, Killer Frost will continue to gain importance and continue its “human” evolution. What sounds like good news here could actually cause Caitlin some trouble. Warning for spoilers.

Season 7 of The Flash will be very special. Not only will she try to conclude the plots of season 6 that have been put aside, blame it on the Covid-19 epidemic, but she will also have to deal with the absence of an iconic character following the dismissal of her interpreter. Fortunately, the writers are also preparing lighter and cooler things for us for next year (the broadcast should begin in early 2021 on the CW in the USA).

New development for Killer Frost

Danielle Panabaker revealed it during the new DC Fandome event organized this weekend, Killer Frost – Caitlin's alter ego, will have the right to a new development on the screen. ” I'm really excited because it looks like Killer Frost is about to have her very first date, and I can't wait to find out ” she teased, before adding with a laugh, ” Do you really think she has the codes to behave well at the table? Probably not .” A simple detail for some, but very good news for the actress.

Danielle Panabaker has indeed reminded us, after so many seasons, it is necessary to evolve the characters to avoid the routine and continue to surprise / fascinate the fans, ” It's always very cool to be able to explore Killer Frost as real character, as a human being with emotions and feelings. May she no longer be that person who appears just to fight and disappears so soon, without anyone knowing anything about her . ”

What future for the pair?

What promise us beautiful new things in this season 7, but also ask us a question: this situation between Caitlin and Killer Frost is such tenable over time? With a Killer Frost increasingly present and open to the world, the scientist should logically continue to step aside, leaving her place. However, the team cannot logically do without its talents during missions and it is hard to imagine Killer Frost accepting to become a simple alter ego again, invited when authorized, if she begins to live a love story.

Also, the future of this pair promises to be more exciting and surprising than one might have imagined. Will Caitilin try to get Killer Frost out of her body so they can both cohabit? Will Killer Frost become selfish again to live her life at Caitlin's expense? To be continued.

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