The FIU said, who will retire in 2020

The FIU said, who will come in 2020 to retire. We are talking about 61,6 years for men and women aged 56 years and 6 months.

В ПФР рассказали, кто выйдет на пенсию в 2020 году

In Russia adopted relevant regulatory legal acts, including increasing the age of retirement. The implementation of the planned initiatives planned in stages to prevent age-related changes. The country has not changed the basic rules for the purpose of pension. In 2020 the Russians to take shape, it is necessary to have minimum 11 years of experience and 18.6 individual coefficient. This indicator should be calculated individually for each person.

However, we do not change the category of those citizens who are raising the age of retirement will not be affected. We are talking about the rescue workers, miners and drivers of public transport. The same conditions apply to representatives of the professions of heavy industries associated with hazardous health effects. Earlier, the Federation Council proposed to change the terms of inclusion of military service at the call of the insurance period.

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