The first wireless charging system for electric vehicles has been created in Russia

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In the future, it can be installed at bus stops and parking lots

ITMO scientists and the Yablochkov company created the first wireless charging system in Russia for any electric vehicle (from an electric car to an electric bus). The system, which is simple and safe, as the creators claim, does not require bulky connectors and wires. It is planned that this technology can be implemented at public transport stops or parking lots.

The first wireless system was created in Russia charging electric vehicles

The usual way of charging electric vehicles is not always convenient, because it requires physical connection of wires. Therefore, a new system was created that works on the method of magnetic resonance coupling of the transmitter and receiver.

Scientists have created a prototype that now transmits 11 kW of power over a distance of up to 300 mm. Charging efficiency reaches 95%. The system supports the SAE J2954 international standard for wireless charging of electric vehicles. 

The first wireless charging system for electric vehicles has been created in Russia

The first box (receiver) is mounted on the bottom of the electric vehicle during production, the second (transmitter) — located under the road surface, energy will be transmitted through the air gap between them to power the battery. In practice, this means that it will be enough to park the car above the transmitting magnetic system (for example, at a charging station or parking lot), and it will start charging automatically, that is, a person does not need to perform any additional actions: look for a special connector, connect wires. It's all about the magnetic resonance system.

Georgy Baranov, engineer of the New Physical and Technical Institute of ITMO.

In six months, it is planned to increase the power of the charger to 50 kW so that modern cars can be quickly charged. In the future, they plan to create a charging station with a capacity of 300 kW, which will allow 30 minutes to charge electric buses and other large equipment.

According to the experience of operating any wired charging stations, which customers share with us, the — one of those components that most often fails, it twists, and the insulation deteriorates from the sun, pollution and physical influences. With colleagues from ITMO, we decided to make a project at the intersection of wireless technologies. Our research interests and vision for the development of such charging systems coincided. In an ideal future, the process of charging an electric car should become completely “seamless”.

Co-founder and product director of the company “Yablochkov” Samvel Avetisyan.

The first wireless system was created in Russia charging electric vehicles

Imagine an electric bus pulled up to a stop, and during the time that passengers get on and off, it managed to recharge, after which it successfully continued the route. Charging is fast without the need to connect to a pantograph or plug in a cable from a charging station. At the same time, no weather conditions: wind, rain, snowfall do not affect the quality of the charge and the safety of the system for humans and the environment. Such a coating can be installed in the garage, at bus stops, public parking lots to simplify and speed up charging. To refine and improve the technology to a real product, we are open to close cooperation with the industry.

Project supervisor, professor, senior researcher at the New Institute of Physics and Technology ITMO Polina Kapitanova

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