The first two cases of Covid in 6 months were recorded in Beijing

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The first two cases of Covid in 6 months were recorded in Beijing – While China is grappling with the Covid-19 outbreak that has been hitting for days Nanjing, the virus returns to Beijing, which recorded the first two cases of contagion in almost six months. The latest bulletin of the National Commission for Health speaks of 49 infections yesterday in China – down from the record of 86 infections recorded at the beginning of the week since last January – 24 of which developed locally. Twenty of these are recorded in the province of Jiangsu, of which Nanjing is the capital, and three in the southwestern province of Sichuan.

The last one, however, developed in Beijing: it is the first case in the Chinese capital in 179 days, to which another was added today, announced the deputy director of the local Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Pang Xinghuo, who also launched the alert on three lines of the capital’s metro network for the risk of infection. The two newly infected are a couple who returned last Sunday from Zhangjiajie, a town in the inner province of Hunan, where another outbreak recently emerged, connected to that of Nanjing, currently the main source of concern for the authorities.

Nanjing, that matters 171 people infected with the delta variant of the coronavirus in the past ten days, has suspended flights to and from the city’s airport until mid-August, according to the tabloid Global Times, citing an anonymous source, and authorities have already conducted two rounds of mass tests of the 9 , 3 million residents. Nanjing is the third outbreak of infection in which the delta variant of the virus has occurred in China, after the Ruili outbreak, on the border with Myanmar, in early July, and another outbreak in Guangdong, between May and June. past.

Meanwhile, the infection that started from the capital of the eastern province of Jiangsu has also spread to other cities. At least seven cities in four provinces have had contagion cases linked to the Zhangjiajie outbreak, and the virus has also spread to the inner provinces of Anhui and Guangdong.

The latest reported case is that of Dalian, in the north-east of the country: the virus has put the authorities on alert, after the first confirmed infection, and the first medium-risk area of ​​the city has been launched with a relative increase in controls . Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign is proceeding, which just today has crossed the milestone of 1.6 billion doses administered.

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