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The first TGV in the United States promised for 2028

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This project will receive $3 billion from Biden's colossal infrastructure investment plan, adopted in 2021.

Agence France-Presse

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The first high-speed train (TGV) line in the United States will open in 2028 between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, in time for the Summer Olympics, US President Joe Biden announced on Friday. p>

We are building the first high-speed train line in the history of our country. And it starts here, said a very fit Joe Biden while traveling in Las Vegas.

This very first American TGV promises to connect Los Angeles, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, in just over two hours, compared to double that by car. This TGV should transport 11 million passengers per year.

Named Brightline West, from the name of the private company which will be responsible for building it and then train trains, this project will receive $3 billion from Biden's major infrastructure investment plan, adopted in 2021.

This project constitutes an environmental promise for the American president, since the future line will remove 3 million vehicles from the highway. It also constitutes a promise of well-paid unionized jobs, less than a year before the presidential election.

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We have been talking about this project for decades. Now we are really going to make it happen, added the president, who is a fan of the train.

He regularly recounts having taken it every day for 36 years, when he was a senator, between Washington and his stronghold of Delaware, which earned him the nickname Amtrak Joe, named after the x27; American public railway company.

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US President Joe Biden is nicknamed “Amtrak Joe” because of his love for the American public train Amtrak, which he is said to have used for a long time. (Archive photo)

The place of first TGV in the United States should therefore ultimately not return to the San Francisco-Los Angeles line, announced for years, but whose delay has caused costs to explode.

It will also benefit from $3 billion to accelerate its completion, with Joe Biden welcoming a project which targets 31 million passengers per year and which will be powered 100% by renewable energy.

The president detailed other modernization projects that will benefit from funding. In total, 10 projects worth $8.2 billion.

These investments are in addition to others announced in recent months, and bring to 30 billion dollars the amount now allocated out of the total envelope of 66 billion provided for by the investment plan.

Railroads made America a force for global commerce and innovation, uniting the country and building the most powerful economy in history. And over time, however, we fell behind, even though our infrastructure was the best in the world, lamented Joe Biden.

But we We are in an economic competition for the 21st century, he added, with a pointed eye towards the Asian competitor: China has had trains running at 220 miles per hour for some time.

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China has had high-speed trains for some time. (File photo)

How can you be the best economy without having the best infrastructure in the world?, he asked. This is what we are going to do.

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