The first “sober village” appeared in the Trans-Baikal Territory

The first “sober village” appeared in the Trans-Baikal Territory

The village of Ulyanovka, located in the Shilkinsky district of Transbaikalia, has been awarded the status of “sober”. This means that alcohol is not sold and consumed in the settlement.

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Viktoria Burdinskaya, who is the organizer of the village, said that they had a good women's council, which 10 years ago decided to fight against alcohol consumption. Over time, they were able to close all outlets with alcohol. In 2019, the settlement celebrated 110 years. Currently there are approximately 180 people living there. All residents decided to give up alcohol.

The Governor of the Territory Alexander Osipov was present at the awarding of the status of “Sober Village”, who in his congratulatory speech expressed gratitude to everyone who decided to fight for a healthy lifestyle of fellow villagers, supported the idea, and invested in it. “Thanks to sobriety in people's lives, there are no fights, sorrow, death, illness, a large number of other deviations accompanying drunkenness,” the head of the Trans-Baikal Territory said. During the celebration in honor of the assignment of a new title to the settlement, performances of dance groups, an exhibition of folk art and culinary products were organized.

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