The first ship with Ukrainian wiysh grain near the Chorne sea

The first ship with Ukrainian wiysh grain near the Chorne sea

The first ship with Ukrainian grain wiysh near the Chorne Sea. Export is carried out within the framework of the “grain land” between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN. The control over the work of the sea corridor and the safe operation was placed on the coordination center near Istanbul.

The first ship with Ukrainian wiish grain near Chorne More

“The first ship from Ukrainian grain has already left Odesa,” the ZSU Strategic Communications Department reports.

Go about the vessel RAZONI, as the ensign of Sierra Leone, direct to the port of Tripoli near Lebanon, specifies Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov.

“This year at 09:15 a ship sailed from the port of Odesa on the 24th, as if it was full of Ukrainian food. Go about the ship RAZONI, as the ensign of Sierra Leone direct to the port of Tripoli near Lebanon. It will collapse along the corridor, which has been confirmed by our guarantor partners – the UN and Turechchina. There are 26 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn on board. Ukraine is the 4th largest exporter of corn in the world, so the possibility of exporting through port is a colossal success for global food security,” write Andriy Stavnitser.

Adoption of the “grain corridor”

Announcement of the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to the UN was announced on 29 November.

Cob of deliveries from the port of Chornomorsk. Let's just step on the port of Odessa. Later, the grain is planned to be unblocked from the port of Pivdenniy. All three ports can be technically prepared by stretching two tizhniv.

The first grain from Ukraine, as well as good mali used to reach Somalia. The way to get there will be borrowed approximately 6 days.

Control over the growing of the “grain land” is being built in the Sleeping Center near Istanbul with the participation of representatives of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Turkey and the UN. We will take into account information about the skin stage of the operation in Ukrainian waters.

To check the launch of the “grain corridor” on Friday, to Odesa, they arrived after the G7 countries.

How to import grain

Vantage ships will enter and call at the ports of Ukraine at the escort of the ship leading to the Ukrainian ensign. I will lead the caravan through a safe path.

Ports in Odessa and the region will not be cleaned again from min. Vuzky fairways were created for ships. The reshta of the water area should be filled with mined, so as not to weaken the defense of the Black Sea borders of Ukraine.

Before the beginning of the first commercial flights, the Ukrainian technical fleet passed through the corridor.

After the passage of the Black Sea, grain carriers under the supervision of the Istanbul Coordination Center will pass through the Bosphorus.

Ships that go to Ukraine, also the Coordination Center , sob to perekonatisya, so that the stench should not be transported with armor. All these procedures will be observed near the waters of Turechchyna.

The Center does not expand on the territorial waters of Ukraine. It looks like the coordination of the work of the so-called humanitarian corridor is less obvious.

In this case, the UN informed that UN posters and Turkey will be present at the ports of the Odesa region to control the grain carriers.

As having appointed the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov, the export of grain from Ukraine can be supineno. Such a decision to praise, as if by the sea to blame the threats from the side of Russia.

Details of the “grain land”

On the 22nd lipnya near Istanbul, domesticity was reached between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN about the renewal of the transport of Ukrainian grain from ports near the Black Sea. independent parties through the opening of the Spilny Coordination Center.

A fire regime will be established on the territory of the operation.

The next hour of negotiations to attack Odessa.

Seredov'yazkovikh Umovkhovkhovkhovkhovhkhovhkhiykhs: Vidsetnikiyv RF in Ukrainian ports, Rosіyski ship is not guilty of the skewers of the vessel of the grain, captivity of the ship’s glory at the waters of the Turechini.

different provocations from the side of Russia.

The two sides confirmed their call for “mirror agreements”. Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov, signing favorably with the Minister of Defense of Turkey and the representative of the UN.

Such a document was signed by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergiy Shoigu. Russia and Ukraine did not lay down annual agreements for themselves.

The term “grain land” became 120 days from the possibility of continuation.

Russia has already destroyed homeownership with a blow to Odessa

The enemy forces of the Russian Federation attacked Odessa on the coming day after the signing of the Istanbul land, if, according to the UN forecasts, the “grain corridor” could be ordered.

The strike was launched from the waters of the Black Sea with cruise missiles “Kalіbr” at a distance of 23 limes. Two rockets were fired at the infrastructure facilities of the Odessa trade port, where the grain was exported. іz Harpoon missiles, and іt doesn't spit on the housekeeping about grain liberation.

The MZS of Ukraine called the strike on the port in Odesa Putin's spit in the guise of UN Secretary General António Guterres and Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

< p>The Ukrainian side called out to the UN that Turechchyna to ensure the safety of Russia and its goiter. “In times of non-conforming home conditions, Moscow bears responsibility for mitigating the global food crisis,” Oleg Nikolenko, the intercessor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said.

Change your mind about “grain land”

After the military invasion of the Russian Federation, over 20 million tons of grain were blocked at the seaports of Ukraine. Water was assigned for deliveries to world markets and near the bottom of Africa for the All-World Food Program of the UN.

About the importance of agricultural exports, they first spoke at the UN after a month of war. The Secretary General of the organization, Antonio Guterres, also announced that global food security was under threat, and Ukraine was forced to enter up to five light exporters of agricultural products. between Russia and Ukraine. After a number of rounds of Russian delegations, the technical details led to the signing of the final memorandum.

It is said that in times of successful work, the parties will bring in about 25 million tons of grain. At the thought of the Minister of Defense of Turkey, Hulusi Akara, to update exports from Ukraine to reduce prices for food products from the world. 2022 the year and the increase in purchase prices for agricultural producers.