The first secure mobile application for connecting Ukrainian refugees with volunteers has appeared

The first secure mobile application for connecting Ukrainian refugees with volunteers has appeared

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The YesHelp application, developed by the team of the Canadian technology company OneIQ Corp., has become available for iOS and Android users in more than 60 countries. The application provides a new level of direct and secure communication between Ukrainians who need help and those who are ready to help them with everything from arranging a place of residence and transportation to caring for children and pets, various donations. YesHelp takes care of the safety of both parties and helps them overcome the language barrier before meeting in real life. 

Since February 2022, about 12.6 million people have been forced to leave Ukraine, the world's largest displacement crisis since World War II. Displaced persons and their families need to integrate into new communities and establish local contacts in order to regain a sense of normalcy and settle down.

However, there are many barriers to starting life in a new place. In addition to understanding a foreign language, Ukrainians should be aware of such risks as the high probability of fraud, violence and human trafficking. The local volunteers also face the same, having to trust people they have never met before. At the same time, both they and displaced persons also have to overcome language barriers to communicate with each other.

With this in mind, the YesHelp team has created a mobile app so that anyone can give and receive help wherever they are. The app features secure on-device identity verification from Regula, the world leader in ID validation, widely used by financial and government institutions around the world. YesHelp creates a secure and easy-to-understand environment where users can register in just a few minutes. After installing the app, users choose their role (one who wants to help or one who needs help), verify their identity by scanning a passport, driver's license or other document, and finally undergo biometric authentication. You're ready to start using the app to search or provide assistance.

YesHelp maintains the confidentiality of personal data unless users choose to share it. This app has a messaging feature, so Ukrainians and volunteers can get to know each other and ask each other questions before exchanging contact information or setting up a meeting. And to overcome language barriers, YesHelp uses AI-based automatic translation so that users can communicate in real time and understand each other as if they were speaking the same language.

Considering that the majority of Ukrainians who left their country because of the war are women, the developers created the app based on their real insights, fears and needs. According to the company's research, Ukrainian women, as a rule, feel more comfortable and safe when communicating and receiving help from other women. Therefore, YesHelp users can also indicate from whom they want to receive help or to whom to give it, choosing women, men or anyone in the settings.

Through the YesHelp application, Ukrainian Svitlana, who was forced to leave her home in Kremenchuk , has already found local volunteers and help with arrangement in Canada, in the city of Kitchener, Ontario: «I am very grateful to the developers of the YesHelp application. In a few days, I found Susan, who comforted me and provided shelter during a critical period of my life.  YesHelp is something that can really help people who don't have friends or relatives in other countries and need help adapting to life in a new place.”

The YesHelp team is working on additional features such as home insurance volunteers offering shelter, help with flight arrangements, discounts from local businesses, and an opportunity for Ukrainians to connect and help each other, creating new communities wherever they are.

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