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The first refund of the carbon pricing of 2024 scheduled for Monday

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In the Atlantic, around 286,000 households heat with domestic fuel oil.


The first carbon pricing rebate of the year will be presented to Canadians on January 15. The amounts granted will be the same as those of last fall, despite the exemption on fuel oil announced in the fall.

In Atlantic, discounts for a family of four will vary depending on the province of residence. In New Brunswick, the amount is $184 while it will be $240 in Prince Edward Island, $248 in Nova Scotia and $328 in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A person living alone in New Brunswick will receive $92. The rebate amount for a Prince Edward Islander living alone will be $120. In Nova Scotia, the rebate is $164 while it is $164 in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in the fall a three-year suspension of the carbon tax on home heating oil. The measure was put in place to help households face its high cost, particularly in the Atlantic.

This exemption did not change the amount of Monday's rebates, but this spring's payments could nevertheless be lower.

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From April, citizens living in rural areas will also see the supplement of 10% of the basic amount they benefit from increase to 20%. This supplement was put in place to compensate for the fact that people living in rural areas are further away from essential services and do not have access to public transportation.

Nova Scotians who live outside of Halifax will benefit from a higher amount than city dwellers in April, which seems very fair to us, says the Liberal federal MP for Kings–Hant in Nova Scotia. Scotland, Kody Blois.

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Kody Blois, MP for Kings-Hants, says that many homeowners in Atlantic Canada cannot afford a heat pump. (Archive photo)

The MP adds that approximately one million Canadians use an oil heating system. In the Atlantic, they would be around 286,000.

The majority of people still use home heating oil, even though it is two to four times more expensive. They continue to use it because they can't afford to change their heating system, he says.

Residents of New Brunswickers may wonder why the amount they receive on Monday will be lower than what they received last fall.

In October, a payment covering two quarters was paid to New Brunswickers. The amounts were $184 for a person living alone and $368 for a family of four.

This double payment is explained by the fact that New Brunswick announced its accession to the carbon pricing regime later than the other Atlantic provinces. As a result, Ottawa did not have sufficient time to prepare the July 1, 2023 reimbursement.

According to the information by Jean Laroche ofCBC

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