The first of the best American experts appreciated the role of the T-34 in the world tank manufacturing

Many people believe that the T-34 changed the course of world war II. Even American experts believe the domestic tank is the first representative of the best examples of world of tank.

Первый из лучших: Американские эксперты оценили роль Т-34 в мировом танкостроении

The journalist of the edition Popular Mechanics David Hambling appreciated the role of the T-34 in world production of war machines. The expert noted that the emergence of a domestic tank on the battlefield during the Second world war changed the course of the battle. While such machines have been or powerful and awkward, or fast and weak. However, the T-34 changed all world tank manufacturing. The machine reunited in himself the power and speed. Thanks to the unique developments of scientists of the Soviet tank could reach speeds up to 55 kilometers per hour and withstand a large number of enemy shots. With 85-millimeter gun is capable of hitting almost any target.

Even today, many tanks built according to the layout of the T-34: speed, sloping armour, powerful gun. At the time, German General von Kleist suggested to Hitler to completely copy the Soviet war machine. Though the proposal was rejected, still part of the development moved to “Panther”. The expert noted, the T-34 disadvantages: damaged box, no shock, little space for the crew, but its advantages clearly outweigh it all. Even today, some army used Soviet tank, because it is reliable and practical.

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