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The first mobile operator decided to turn off 2G completely

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr9,2024

The first mobile operator decided to completely turn off 2G

The first mobile operator decided to completely abandon second generation communication networks. The Dutch operator KPN plans to abandon 2G already next year. Planned shutdown date – December 1, 2025. According to company representatives, the reason for abandoning 2G was the low demand for second-generation cellular networks.

The operator plans to reuse the freed frequencies for 4G and 5G. Earlier in 2022, KPN already got rid of 3G for similar reasons.

There is no information on the operator's website about any program to replace devices that work only in the 2G network. Ordinary subscribers are recommended to update their SIM and device, otherwise they will not be able to use cellular services.

Those who use 2G for the Internet of Things are recommended to switch to devices with LTE-M support. That is, the Dutch operator is not very worried that some of its subscribers may go to competitors in connection with plans to abandon 2G.

However, neighboring countries do not want to chase horses. In France, local operator Bouygues Telecom has announced that it will only roll out 2G at the end of 2026. And in Great Britain, local operators have agreed to switch off second-generation networks only in 2033. In Ukraine, second-generation networks will last even longer.

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