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The first in the world. Bill Gates started building a new generation nuclear power plant

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

The first in the world. Bill Gates started building a new generation nuclear power plant

Bill Gates' company started construction of the first nuclear power plant based on sodium reactors in the USA and the world. It should be operational by 2030.

Last month, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission accepted Bill Gates' company TerraPower's application for permission to build a new generation nuclear power plant. Therefore, for the first time in more than 40 years, a commercial project with a non-light water reactor was approved in the USA.

The city of Kemmerer, Wyoming, will be home to the most modern nuclear installation in the world. This week, the groundbreaking for the future Natrium sodium reactor nuclear power plant, designed by TerraPower. which will test components and transfer liquid sodium that will be used to cool the nuclear reactor. Construction will continue over the coming years before the station is hopefully operational in 2030. … The verification process will take several years, so in the meantime, TerraPower will continue to build the non-nuclear parts of the facility. In the next year, the construction of the so-called “energy island” will begin, where steam turbines and other equipment that actually produce electricity will be placed, — says Gates in his blog.

Gates emphasizes that projects like this                          but adding they                important for the future, so as not to act.

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