The first 3D house in Ukraine began to be built in the Kyiv region

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The first 3D house in Ukraine was built in Kyiv region

Illustrative photo from open sources

< p>For a family from Irpen, which was left without a home and a father, they started building the first residential building in Ukraine using 3D technology. Oleksandr Markushin, the mayor of Irpen, writes about this.

"Today, for the first time, I saw with my own eyes how a programmer started a 3D printer from a computer and it started to “print” the walls of the future house. It is difficult to describe in words…", – Markushyn said.

The mayor noted that speed is a significant advantage of 3D construction. The frame of the house, with an area of ​​130 m² the printer will create in just 8 days. The construction of a 3D house is a unique charity project “United for help”. The initiator of the project – “Embrace the Nation” fund. The first such house will be built for the Berezov family from Irpin. Since the beginning of hostilities, this family has been beset by more than one grief – at first the enemy destroyed their house with shells, and later their father, Yaroslav Berezov, joined the ranks of the ZSU. Unfortunately, half a year later he died near Bakhmut. Wife Natalia and two daughters were left without a home and a father.

Besides the terrible loss, the family faced another problem – housing ownership. It turned out that due to unfinished bureaucratic procedures, Natalia could not apply for state compensation programs. So we, together with benefactors, decided to help this particular family get their home back.

Earlier, BAGNET reported that a project of comprehensive reconstruction of the private sector was presented in Irpen. It is known that 30 houses will be demolished and rebuilt from scratch, another 31 houses will be repaired. This is a residential area that was damaged during the Russian shelling.

Prepared by: Serhii Daga