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The center fire -city of Sherbrooke would be of suspicious origin according to the police

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A fire ravaged 16 Wellington Street South on Tuesday afternoon.


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The fire which completely destroyed a building on Wellington Street South, in downtown Sherbrooke, is believed to be of suspicious origin, the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) announced on Wednesday.

After analysis of the scene by investigators, specific elements lead us to believe in a fire of suspicious origin, emphasize the police in a press release.

The SPS is asking for help from the population. If you have information on this file, please contact the Sherbrooke Police Department at 819-821-5555.

A quote from the Sherbrooke Police Department in a press release

Hard wake-up call for Wellington Street South after major fire

During a press briefing given Wednesday morning in downtown Sherbrooke, the authorities took stock of the fire.

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The director of the Sherbrooke Fire Protection Service, Martin Primeau, said he was very proud of the work accomplished by the approximately 150 firefighters who fought the blaze.

Despite the fact that we see that the building was destroyed, the main objective was to protect the buildings upstream and downstream. The main objective has been achieved, he said straight away.

When we arrived, the building presented great challenges. There were lots of flames, lots of smoke, lots of apparent heat. It was difficult, but the objective was achieved.

A quote from Martin Primeau, director of the Sherbrooke Fire Protection Service.

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For the moment, the fire is not considered criminal. The investigation continues.

We were in attack mode, but our teams quickly detected signs. The floors were hot, they were warped, we could hear creaking. So quickly, about an hour or two into the fight, we took our teams out from the inside and fell into defensive mode. The teams were able to integrate adjoining buildings to stop the spread of the fire.

The burning building was destroyed to allow firefighters easier access to the hot spot and ensure that the The fire was completely extinguished.

Support from the Sherbrooke Police Department and the use of a drone equipped with a thermal camera also helped the firefighters during the operation.

In all, 20 people were relocated and were taken care of by the Red Cross for 72 hours. The City will extend it if necessary. We will not leave anyone on the street, said Martin Primeau.

The Liverpool restaurant-billiards and Café Bla-Bla, the neighbors of the building which burned, were damaged, but the firefighters managed to preserve the structure of the buildings.

There is a fair amount of water and smoke damage. A little by the flames, at roof level. All the same, we preserved the structure and that was the goal, added Martin Primeau.

The owners will now have to ensure of the solidity of the structures.

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