The final show of the Bachelor season 10: romance in Barcelona, bad date and the coveted ring

Find out all the details of the final dates of the project

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Финал шоу Холостяк 10 сезон: романтика в Барселоне, испорченное свидание и заветное кольцо

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This Friday, may 22, was held the final of the jubilee season of the Dating show of Ukraine “the Bachelor-10”. In the final edition of the project for the heart of the main character Maxim Mikhaylyuk fought two girls – Daria Ulyanova and Dana Okhanskaya. Final visits with finalists were held in a romantic setting – the capital of Spain, Barcelona.

A date with Dana

In the final edition of Dan and Max went to Barcelona. The bachelor decided to be creative and to draw on the glasses of sparkling wine. Day and night the couple spent together. The participant talked a lot about how she sees their future together and how much he wants to stay in pairs. However, at the ceremony of the roses choose the main character for This was a real shock and surprise.

“I remember our first meeting how worried I am, and how worried you are. Remember our nights and the stars. You pleased me with his initiative and attention. I noticed that you revealed more and more. I admit, sometimes I felt that the whole initiative is a plan. But I wish my girlfriend acted without preparation. Allow yourself a simple spontaneity. Today my heart is saying “I’m sorry” as she left Max and Dana.

A date with Daria

The final date on the heroes project cannot be considered perfect – at the end of the meeting, they quarreled. Daria and Maxim spent together all day. Everything was as she wanted, lots of hugs and kisses, a romantic trip to Barcelona and dinner by candlelight. However, at the end of the day something went wrong. The couple unexpectedly had a falling out and the bachelor left the date. At the moment Dasha started crying and wondered: “Why did he leave? I didn’t do anything wrong”.

The girl was very worried about this and realized that the date didn’t go perfectly. Maxim, in turn, admitted that the hardest part of the project was for him to give any guarantee. Maxim explained his action at the last meeting.

“I did something impulsive, because I care about you. This is the beginning of our love story. I want to be with you”, – with these words the Maxim handed the ring to Daria.

In our material we have prepared all the details of the biography of the winner of the show “the Bachelor-10” – Darya Ulyanova.

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