The final declaration of the G20 summit: the first details from New Delhi

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The final declaration of the G20 summit: the first details from New Delhi


On Saturday, September 9, during the telethon " special corps officer Dmytro Anopchenko told directly from New Delhi, from the international press center of the G-20 summit, why there is so much intrigue around the final declaration, which is essentially a purely formal document. 

This a very good marker that allows you to understand how politicians think, whether they can come to an agreement, who is in the pro-Russian camp… By and large, this is a good test, when on a neutral, pro-Ukrainian text, we saw who was against, who was in favor  took a position when he did not want to quarrel with anyone, and who added anyway. 

He noted that on the sidelines he was told that this was the most difficult final declaration, 20 ​​days of it considered According to Dmitry, Ursula von der Leyen said:

It was important for us that we adhere to the basic rules, basic principles. These are the inviolability of borders, non-recognition of the annexed territories by the international community and necessary achieving a just and long-term peace in Ukraine.

"Thus, this was the main principle that everyone wanted to adhere to. China, India and Russia were against it. Such a trio, but in the entire history of the Big 20, there has never been a case when the final declaration was not approved. Delhi had to persuade China, persuade Russia. That's why the declaration appeared a few hours ago, – added Dmytro Anopchenko.

Prepared by Serhiy Daga