The fight for the tank: yak Estonia decommunized the head symbol of the Radian occupation

The fight for the tank: yak Estonia decommunized the head symbol of the Radian occupation

Estonian Narva unexpectedly became the main newsmaker of the day – on 16 sickle there was dismantled the monument to the Radyansk T-34 tank, which was very important for the Russian community.

Fight for the tank: how did Estonia decommunize the head symbol of the Radian occupation

< p>Tse krok, which was discussed in the Estonian government for about 30 years – in fact, at the moment of independence independence. Ale dosі shhorazu did yoga, fearing a conflict with the Russian bulk of Narvi.

Rich u tim, scho Narva – to mow a specific place. It was carried out on the cordon from the Russian Federation and the largest number of ethnic Russians, but it would still be a better place in Estonia. caused by the Russians and guest performers from the Russian Federation at the relocation of the other monument of Radyansk, there were no more risks, that the new transfer was made before the repetition of quiet podіy.

Meanwhile, the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has not deprived the Estonian authorities of the choice.

The Radyansky tank was not even a symbol of the fight against Nazism (as it was converted by the defenders), but a symbol of the Russian and Russian militarism and occupation

Get out of the situation, “as it was”, no longer happened. Tim more, similar changes are fixed in other similar European lands. For example, near the littoral Latvia, the monuments of the hours of the SRSR are being dismantled.

At first glance, the dismantling of the Narva tank was without any particular problems. At the hour of the process, nine osibs were caught, at the hour of the night rally – two more. It is already possible to confirm that the situation in the city is now under control, and the risks of law enforcement protests are minimal.