The fight between Gustavo Bolívar and Miguel Uribe continues: “They are going to keep us in power for 20 years”

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Senators have been treated as liars and slanderers in recent days, this in the aftermath of the approval of the controversial tax reform

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The fight between Gustavo Bolívar and Miguel Uribe continues: “They are going to keep us in power for 20 years”

The senator of the Historical Pact responded to Miguel Uribe.

The tax reform became the center of controversy in recent months, as this project confronted all the political sectors of the country, a situation that still leaves disputes; such is the case of senators Miguel Uribe and Gustavo Bolívar, who clashed in the last few hours on the issue, each one assuring that their opponent's argument was based on lies.

According to the lobbyist of the Democratic Center, Bolívar always resorted to personal aggression and adopted a mythomaniac position full of lies, emphasizing that he forgot his position and in many cases did not support what he said.

“I am deeply sorry that Senator Gustavo Bolívar did not have arguments, resorted to personal aggression, I am not going to be the same, it is not necessary, he only unmasks himself, I limit myself to thinking that Gustavo Bolívar is a mythomaniac and has amnesia”, exposed Uribe Turbay.

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In the same way, he reminded the leader of the Historical Pact, that it was he who supported the so-called First Line at the time of the national strike, pointing out that thanks to said mobilization, the country began to suffer a significant rise in the prices of various foods . Finally, he lashed out, assuring that Bolívar and his companions were a factory of false lies.

“If someone did not study as an opposition, it was him, who instead of giving debates was on the street financing the First Line, setting the country on fire, the Bank of the Republic has just said that where the rise in the prices of food, it was precisely because of their violent blockades, where several colleagues dedicated themselves to empowering criminals, today they tear their clothes as they are, and they continue to be the factories of fake news.”

Gustavo Bolívar's response

For the senator of the Historical Pact, the words of Miguel Uribe are part of an attack based on misrepresentation and caricature, since he assured that his talk with the journalist Maria Jimena Duzán was taken out of context, however, he stressed that this dynamic adds points to President Gustavo Petro, as the country will not believe the opposition.

“The opposition has become so caricatured, so lying, so slanderous, this man is so distorting that he has obviously taken the words I said to María Jimena Duzán out of context; I told him exactly that due to the lies that he went out to tell the media every day, and it is obvious, that with these lies President Petro was losing popularity, but the country already knows who to believe him,” Bolívar pointed out,

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Similarly, Senator Gustavo Bolívar affirmed that Uribe is not afraid to lie, in addition to suggesting to the compañeros of the lobbyist of the Democratic Center that they regulate his speech, since he would only be favoring the government bench. In addition, he stressed that they continue to lose credibility and at this rate, the Pact and its allies will remain in power for many years.

“They are going to keep us in power for 20 years because nobody will they will believe, they have lost all credibility, nobody believes their lies, study, prepare yourselves as we did, with facts, with documents,” he explained.