The Fiesta is finished at Ford

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Family defeat.

The Fiesta is over at Ford

After nearly 50 years of service, the Ford Fiesta is bowing out. The city car will be removed from the European family to make way for new electric models. The Cologne plant in Germany produced the Fiesta but must now prepare for “a major restructuring with a view to becoming Ford's center of electrical excellence in Europe,”, said the AFP a spokesperson. In all, seven generations have been launched. The last one now dates back to 2017.

Other models will follow. These will be the S-Max and Galaxy minivans, starting next year. The Mondeo is also disappearing, and the Ford Focus will be withdrawn in 2025. The period has changed a lot in so few years whereas five years ago, the American brand had to increase production of the Fiesta to the tune of 100 additional copies per day in Cologne, to meet demand. Daily production increased to 1,500 copies in the months of November and December 2017. In its history, a total of 22 million Ford Fiestas left the factory.

From one investment to another

The Fiesta's success has spread to emerging markets such as Brazil, India and South Africa. By 1982, the brand had invested more than a billion dollars, making the city car the biggest development and production budget in its history. Today, the transition plan to electric represents an envelope of 30 billion dollars invested by 2025. Ford's first success in 100 % electric is materialized by the Mustang Mach-e. In one year, from July 2021 to July 2022, its sales increased by 74%. Over the summer, Ford's overall electric sales increased by 168.7%.

To enhance his departure, Ford did not hesitate with words. The end of the Ford Fiesta is a “goodbye to the little car that touched us all”. What about her replacement? It will be “a small electric SUV” developed on the basis of Volkswagen's MEB platform. A way to save some money at a time when Ford wants above all to become independent in terms of batteries and develop the connectivity of its cars to be able to update them remotely like Tesla.

Volkswagen, precisely, followed the same strategy as Ford by baptizing the replacement for the Golf “ID3”. That said, the Golf is still on the market, which leaves us in the dark as to the future of such a legendary name. Ford could have baptized its new model “Fiesta Mach-E” but the logic does not seem to have been taken up despite the success of the Mustang Mach-E.

In any case, since July this year, the volume of Fiesta order forms was no longer at the same level as in previous years. Blame it on the shortage of components, which forced Ford to stop taking orders to ensure production and limit the waiting time for customers in progress. “Due to high demand [for these models] and production constraints, we are announcing up to 12 months of delivery times, regretted a carrier- word of the manufacturer five months ago.