The fans even spit on them in the middle of the outrage. The video is embarrassing.

The fans even spit on them in the middle of the outrage. The video is embarrassing.

Estoril and Porto tied 1-1 this Saturday in match date 7 of the Primeira Liga de Portugal. The result is anecdote, as it was overshadowed by a shameful scene of intolerance among fans.

Everything, because a group of barristas expelled a baby and her father from the stands with insults, after apparently, for wearing the rival team's shirt.

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International Shame

Fans even spit on them in the middle of the outrage. The video is embarrassing.

During the first half at the António Coimbra da Mota stadium, an embarrassing event took place in the stands. It was recorded on video how a group of Estoril fans harassed and offended a Porto fan.

It was a man, who had attended the match with his little daughter. According to the Portuguese press, the group of furious local fans offended and even spat on the chair of the Porto fan, who was forced to leave the stands to protect his little girl, whom he carried in his arms .

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< b>The scene shook Portuguese football and outraged the fans of the other teams, who do not understand how intolerance and the supposed love for a shirt can lead to disrespect for minors.
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The Estoril club published a note in which it rejects the actions of its fans and offers a public apology .

“Estoril Praia condemns each and every one of the acts of violence, of any nature. We have more than 80 years at the service of sport and training, with full respect for fair play. This is our DNA and we do not give up on our mission.

We deeply regret the situation experienced by the daughter of the FC Porto fan at the António Coimbra da Mota Stadium, apologizing and wishing that he never ceases to appreciate the true essence of Sport.

We condemn the attitudes of those who cannot control their emotions and allow the provocative attitudes of so-called football fans to become an unfortunate moment of aggression that has no place in a football stadium.

We also condemn all acts made by alleged soccer fans who see sports events as a privileged space to exude hatred and practice behaviors that we all consider unacceptable in society”, says the Estoril note.

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