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The famous Ferrari critic Jay Leno undertook to check the Purosangue super SUV

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun16,2024

>> check out Ferrari Purosangue/screenshot from the video

Just to be clear, Jay Leno loves Ferrari. He talks about it in his recent video on “Jay Leno's Garage” and has a lot of compliments on the Purosangue.

Is the new super SUV good enough for the company to consider buying it? , whose dealers he once compared to a dominant woman? For that matter, would Ferrari sell him such a car? Motor1 writes about this and other things.

The video doesn't answer any of these questions, but Leno has a lot of praise for Purosangue. This model belongs to California Ferrari collector David Lee; fans will probably recognize him from previous appearances on Leno's YouTube channel with various Ferraris. Leno immediately comments on the engineering solutions that went into Ferrari's first SUV, from the ultra-tight tolerances between the brake calipers and the wheels to the legroom for rear seat passengers.

He was also pleasantly surprised. surprised to see that the convertible hood opens forward – something not usually found on SUVs – to reveal6.5-liter V12, mounted in the middle of the front.

To refresh your memory, this naturally aspirated 12-cylinder engine generates 715 horsepower at a sky-high 7,750 rpm. Peak torque of 528 lb-ft is achieved at 6,250 rpm, further setting this SUV apart from others in its segment. With a top speed of 305 kilometers per hour, it is not the fastest vehicle for transporting people. But it's one of two with a thrilling V-12 soundtrack.

Ferrari Critic Tests Purosangue SuperSUV: Watch Video

This brings us to Leno's test drive, where he says it certainly sounds like a real Ferrari. He hits the gas many times, noting that the handling is also excellent. Lee, meanwhile, points out some of the $150,000 worth of options he's chosen for this Purosange. Yes, the options alone cost almost as much as the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Coupe – a sleek SUV with more power and more space, but slightly slower with a top speed of just 294 kilometers per hour. It's also not as exclusive as the Ferrari, which is currently entirely reserved for Purosangue orders.

As Leno explains in the video, his problem with Ferrari isn't the cars, but the way the company treats its customers. However, journalists also learned that Leno does not own any SUV, except for an old first-generation Ford Bronco. In other words, don't expect Purosangue to be added to his collection anytime soon.

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