The family was in the stands and it was a surprise.

Shōya Nakajima is a soccer player born on August 23, 1994 in Hachiōji, Japan, and at the age of 28 he was starting a new team, he had signed with Antalyaspor from Turkey and both he and his family were expectant.

he is 1.67 meters tall and weighs 62 kilos. He is a striker who came to that team to lend a hand due to the lack of goals in the group.

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The video says so all

Antalyaspor played last date against Adana Demirspor, but the Japanese did not start, he left On the bench.

In the 58th minute of the match, Antalyaspor was down on the scoreboard, 0-1, so the DT decided to send Nakajima to the field.

His relatives in the stands exploded of joy, but his debut was not the best. It only lasted 20 seconds on the pitch, as it was to remove a ball and took a rival.

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< br>The judge, in the first instance, showed him the yellow card, but from the VAR they told him that the tackle had been very strong.

The judge analyzed the action, entered the field, called the Japanese and showed him the direct red card, in an afternoon to forget.

Antalyaspor not only lost a player to sending off, but that presented them with a score of 0-3 against him.

See the action.

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