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NG DL The Falco family one year after the death of the Marquis de Grinon - The Times Hub

The Falco family one year after the death of the Marquis de Grinon

The Falco family one year after the death of the Marquis de Grinon

Carlos Falcó was 83 years old when he died on March 19, 2020 after contracting covid-19. It happened just five days after Spain stopped, with citizens confined to their homes, to try to stop the wave of hospital admissions and deaths that was already gripping even the most optimistic. A death that surprised even his own family because Falcó was overflowing with energy and none of them thought that the virus could take him away. At another time, the burial of the versatile and energetic Marquis of Griñón, Grandee of Spain, Marquis of Castel-Moncayo, descendant of the Grand Captain, co-founder of the Club Siglo XXI, businessman and producer of wines and oils , president of the Club Círculo Fortuny would have been massed and would have brought together the best of that high society, business and other, in which he moved due to the multiple facets he cultivated and in which his passion for wines and oils stood out.

The pandemic prevented this Massive farewell and only two members of his family were able to pick up his ashes days after his death to transfer them to the place he loved the most, the family estate of Malpica del Tajo, in Toledo, the one left to him by his maternal grandfather, Joaquín Fernández de Córdoba, to make his dreams related to the land come true. The funeral, which was announced for the end of the pandemic, is still waiting but the life of his family has run its course and in it many things have changed in this year in which the losses have occurred . A year later, his five children have received the legacy of the aristocrat who now manages Manuel, the first-born who already took care of many of his father's affairs in life, with the support of his sister Xandra and the support of the rest. The entire inheritance process has been handled with discretion and if there have been surprises they have not transpired. Social distancing has at least allowed them to bear the pain with the privacy that most of them would never have wanted to lose.

At this time, Tamara Falcó, the fruit of Carlos Falcó's second marriage with Isabel Preysler, is the one who has exploded in the media . It has been lavish on television since it won the MasterChef Celebrity contest in 2019. He graduated in fashion at the Marangoni Institute in Milan and specialized in Visual Merchandising at the University of Navarra, but since the kitchen burst into his life, he has co-presented cooking programs, collaborates in El Hormiguero with Pablo Motos and has been a judge in Antena 3 El Desafío contest. It has also become a prescriber in social networks that brands are raffled off and who is followed by a million people on Instagram who make their activity on the internet more than profitable. Life also smiles on him on a personal level. At 39, he seems to have found a stable partner in Iñigo Onieva, a 31-year-old industrial designer. He has bought a luxury penthouse near his mother's house in the exclusive Puerta de Hierro urbanization and has received an unexpected inheritance: the title of Marquise de Griñón. About her, her father said in an interview with this newspaper in 2015: "Tamara is sweetness, transparency, joy and sensitivity." The same that he demonstrated by thanking "the honor" that was that he had thought of her to continue the marquisate that he loved the most.

Tamara's bubbly happiness has little to do with what has happened to her sister Xandra, 53 years old and the youngest of the two children that Carlos Falcó had with Jeannine Girod. Only six months after the death of her father, her husband, Jaime Carvajal, died suddenly due to a heart problem. It happened at the beginning of September 2020 as soon as they returned from their summer holidays in the house they own in Valldemosa, Mallorca. If after the death of his father – who spoke wonders of his daughter's "energy and vision" – he focused on taking over as president of the Círculo Fortuny, the association that his father created to promote the Spanish luxury sector, after the death of her husband her main concern is to raise her three daughters. Since 2018 she stopped working with the Marqués de Griñón in the wineries and her resignation as general director, export manager, marketing and commercial manager of Marqués de Griñón Family Estates SA has recently been formalized. “I have not been in management since 2018. The The shareholding belongs to the group that have been partners of my father since 1995 and of the family, not just my brother, although he is the majority, ”he explained to Vanitatis .

That brother is Manuel Falcó, the eldest son, 56 years old, Marquis of Castel-Moncayo and Grandee of Spain, rated by the Financial Times as one of the 10 most influential financiers in Europe. His father portrayed him in conversation with EL PAÍS as "a good banker and a great person, which is not obvious." In September 2018, he was appointed Global Co-Head of Investment Banking for the Citi Group, but to his father he was a hunting partner, financial advisor and business partner. Although he lives in London most of the year with his wife, Amparo Corsini, and their three children, he has his own home on the Malpica de Tajo estate that his father loved so much and continues to be linked to his businesses. This was stated in the message of gratitude he sent after his death: “Be absolutely certain that we are going to continue with your project, as my father wanted us to do. My personal commitment is to continue the company that my dear and unrepeatable father founded half a century ago. To continue making it grow, keeping alive its entrepreneurial spirit and the commitment to quality that it has transmitted to us. ”

More missing and anonymous are the two younger brothers, the ones the Marquis had with Fátima de la Cierva, Duarte and Aldara. The first of them is 26 years old, he is the most politicized of the brothers and he has not hesitated to declare himself a pro-life activist and “libertarian neoliberal”, as defined in an interview in La Razón . He is vice president of the Fundación + Vida association and president of RedTdah, an entity that deals with the integration of people with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a syndrome that he himself suffers from. In 2015, she dropped out of her studies in Economics and went to volunteer in Cambodia. Now the only thing that is known about him professionally speaking is that he considers dedicating himself to photography.

The youngest of the Falcó brothers , Adara, is the great unknown of the group. Her father said she was “very smart and practical. A brainiac ”. He speaks English and French and studies philosophy and mathematics at the University of Vienna. Although his relationship with the field and the effort, which he learned from his father, are worth to him to make decisions such as spending part of his summer holidays picking cherries in Vancouver, Canada, as happened in 2019 or teaching mathematics to other students for 15 euros per hour.

All of them are sure to keep the group they spoke for from anywhere in the world active. How his father liked him.

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